What is Duraflex® Technology?

What is Memjet® Duraflex® Technology? Digital printing is a rapidly changing environment, with new products and technology coming along every few years like clockwork. One of the latest development in the world of digital printing is the release of Memjet’s Duraflex® technology. The new technology from Memjet is the latest in high-speed water based pigment … Continued

Print Speed vs Quality: Which is More Important?  

Print Speed vs Quality: Which is More Important?  According to Google, print speed is the averaged measurement of pages per minute the printer is capable of printing. It may be used differently for color or monochrome inks, and doesn’t include processing and warmup time. Print resolution measures the dot per inch of either an ink … Continued

The Digital Printing Industry: A Market on the Move

The Digital Printing Industry: A Market on the Move   What is the Digital Printing Industry? The Digital Printing Industry comprises color, black and white, wide-format and prepress machines that print graphical material with digital equipment. These machines are a sophisticated, new technology that is changing the way the printing industry does business.   What … Continued

The Innovation Behind Memjet's Digital Printing Technology

The Innovation Behind Memjet’s Digital Printing Technology   The Power of Memjet Printing: Digital printing has seen many changes in recent years, and even more so with the rise of COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in the demand for digital printing. When production is continuous, digital roll-to-roll printing will achieve far greater speeds than traditional … Continued

Hybrid Printing: The Future is Here

Hybrid Printing: The Future is Here   What is Hybrid Printing? First off, we need to define what ‘hybrid’ printing means. The concept of hybrid printing is genuinely understood to refer to a combination of digital and analogue print technology with inline conversion capabilities. It was designed to combine the benefits of roll-to-roll digital printing … Continued

Direct to Package Printing: How it's Streamlining the Digital Process

Direct to Package Printing: How it’s Streamlining the Digital Process   How do Labels Work?: The typical label designed for product development primarily consists of three main components: 1)   Face Stock – the material that is being printed on 2)   Adhesive – the sticky section of the material that is directly applied to … Continued

Stop Outsourcing Today With ArrowJet Mini!

In-House Printing is The Right Choice For Your Small Business! When running a small business, it is wise to use in-house labeling over outsourcing to another company as it allows your business to become more efficient.  Oftentimes, when you get a quote from another labeling company they require a minimum quantity to be ordered before … Continued

Single Pass Vs. Multiple Pass Printing - Which is Best for your Business?

Single Pass Vs. Multiple Pass Printing The printing process has come a long way from the original presses we’ve relied on for years. The introduction of digital printing not only reduced costs and time needed, but also increased the quality of our prints to the high-quality prints we are familiar with today. Within digital printing, … Continued

Companies to Watch: Arrow Systems, Inc. - From Label and Narrow Web

Companies To Watch: Arrow Systems, Inc. Originally posted on Label & Narrow Web; Arrow Systems, Inc., a driver of digital printing technologies for more than 40 years, is unveiling new products and services designed to promote the digital printing industry. Specializing in a multitude of segments related to digital printing, including signs and graphics, flexible … Continued