Print Speed vs Quality: Which is More Important?  

Print Speed vs Quality: Which is More Important?  According to Google, print speed is the averaged measurement of pages per minute the printer is capable of printing. It may be used differently for color or monochrome inks, and doesn’t include processing and warmup time. Print resolution measures the dot per inch of either an ink … Continued

First Roll-to-roll Memjet Duraflex Install in North America

Scott, Louisiana – Hulco Printers, Inc., a company dedicated to delivering quality printing services, recognized the importance of making a necessary investment in their label printing. They recently purchased an ArrowJet Aqua 330R from Arrow Systems, Inc. to help streamline and increase their label production.   Due to Hulco’s rapid expansion, the company has seen a … Continued

How to Print Your Own Custom-Made Boxes

How to Print Your Own Custom-Made Boxes Why is Your Packaging Design Important? With all the new products, social media, and latest trends out there, it can be hard to differentiate yourself in the industry when it comes to getting your name and brand to the masses. You’ve increased your marketing strategy and taken the … Continued

Hybrid Printing: The Future is Here

Hybrid Printing: The Future is Here   What is Hybrid Printing? First off, we need to define what ‘hybrid’ printing means. The concept of hybrid printing is genuinely understood to refer to a combination of digital and analogue print technology with inline conversion capabilities. It was designed to combine the benefits of roll-to-roll digital printing … Continued

Top 5 Label Finishers for 2022

Top 5 Label Finishers for 2022 It’s that time of year again! We’re bringing you our top 5 digital Label Finishers for the 2022 year. Take a look at our updated list from 2021! Last year brought big changes to the industry with even more to come. Here are some of the leading label cutting … Continued

5 Packaging Mistakes Businesses Make and How to Prevent Them

5 Packaging Mistakes Businesses Make and How to Prevent Them   Knowing your product packaging is becoming just as important as the product itself. With an increase in online e-commerce and rise of the Covid-19 pandemic, the uptick in demand for quality product packaging has taken a big leap. Customers want their purchases as fast … Continued

The Benefits of Digital Finishing

The Benefits of Digital Finishing   What is Print Finishing? While not the first thing many people will think of in terms of printing custom labels or packaging, your finishing solution is just as important as the press you’ve decided to purchase. New innovations in digital printing technology and the constant demand for shorter print … Continued

Direct to Package Printing: How it's Streamlining the Digital Process

Direct to Package Printing: How it’s Streamlining the Digital Process   How do Labels Work?: The typical label designed for product development primarily consists of three main components: 1)   Face Stock – the material that is being printed on 2)   Adhesive – the sticky section of the material that is directly applied to … Continued

The Beginner's Guidebook To All Things Labels

The Beginner’s Guidebook To All Things Label Printing While labeling might appear as a design on your favorite products they’re so much more. They provide you with key features and highlights of the product, pricing, and even nutritional information or warnings. Because of this the longevity and durability of your labels are of utmost importance. … Continued

In-House Finishing Is Possible With Digital Solutions!

ArrowJet Mini Helps Your Business Produce In-House! Looking to start printing your own labels but don’t know where to start? These new labeling and finishing combinations may be the perfect fit for your business. ArrowJet Mini is the perfect entry-level label printer. It boasts a compact design that is ideal for any office or industrial … Continued