Type of Roll Label Materials

Types of Roll Label Materials We have spoken a lot about label printers and finishers in our blogs. We’d like to shed some light on the types of materials that the industry has to offer. This blog is on the variety of label materials that the label printers print on and the label finishers slit … Continued

Why You Should Consider BOPP for Your Labels

What is BOPP? BOPP stands for Biaxially-Oriented (BO) Polypropylene (PP). This means that the polypropylene has been stretched in two directions until it becomes flatter; hence “biaxially-oriented”. Through this process, the material becomes stronger and thinner. It is also the second most produced synthetic plastic in the world behind polyethylene. It is incredibly versatile and … Continued

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Manufacturing

Pressure-sensitive labels are seamlessly integrated into our physical environment.  As product labels, UPC stickers, and price labels, they can be found in an enormous variety of tapes and labels in every room of a house, every building, every manufacturing facility, every vehicle, and even outdoor environments. From bathroom and kitchen fixtures, to cars, trucks, buses, … Continued

Eco-friendly Label Options

The market for “green” consumer goods is booming.  Companies that are prepared with a variety of choices to offer customers seeking products manufactured in an environmentally sensitive manner have a leg up on the competition, and the label and sticker market is no exception.    Eco-friendly stickers span several categories.  Recycled.  These products typically are manufactured … Continued

All About Adhesives

When selecting a label material for your new product label, there are hundreds of different options and combinations to choose from. But, perhaps the most complex part of choosing a stock is the adhesive. Chemistry and the environment that the label or sticker will be applied to are a major part in selecting the exact … Continued

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