Recyclability: Going Green with Your Labels

Recyclability: Going Green with Your Labels The label market has seen a constant shift in sustainability, especially during the last two years. People have since re-evaluated what they value most in their products, which includes eco-friendly and energy efficient items they can use without the added guilt and uncertainty that what they are consuming is … Continued

How to Print Your Own Custom-Made Boxes

How to Print Your Own Custom-Made Boxes Why is Your Packaging Design Important? With all the new products, social media, and latest trends out there, it can be hard to differentiate yourself in the industry when it comes to getting your name and brand to the masses. You’ve increased your marketing strategy and taken the … Continued

New Inkjet Printing Solutions On Plastics

New Inkjet Printing Solutions On Plastics Dr. Kai Bar, Managing Director and President of adphos, recently discussed how the drying and pre-post-print processing can influence or even drive successful inkjet printing on plastics for packaging applications. The adphos Group is a family of privately owned companies focused on the development of adphosNIR thermal drying technology … Continued

The Benefits of Digital Finishing

The Benefits of Digital Finishing   What is Print Finishing? While not the first thing many people will think of in terms of printing custom labels or packaging, your finishing solution is just as important as the press you’ve decided to purchase. New innovations in digital printing technology and the constant demand for shorter print … Continued

Eco-Friendly Packaging

How to Grow your Business with Eco-Friendly Packaging With an increased awareness about climate change in recent years, eco-friendly packaging is becoming a more important aspect in the retail industry. How can organizations adjust to these standards while guaranteeing that it’s best for their business? New data suggests that shopper interest for sustainability continues to … Continued

The Beginner's Guidebook To All Things Labels

The Beginner’s Guidebook To All Things Label Printing While labeling might appear as a design on your favorite products they’re so much more. They provide you with key features and highlights of the product, pricing, and even nutritional information or warnings. Because of this the longevity and durability of your labels are of utmost importance. … Continued

The Impact of Packaging for Your Business

Consumer Behavior and Brand Positioning Have you ever taken a moment to understand consumer behavior and how it influences brand positioning? Often overlooked, the design of your product is the visual communication between a brand and its potential consumers. Other ad vehicles like social media campaigns have the ability to influence communication and reach your … Continued

All About Label Materials

All About Label Materials Technological advances in the label printing industry have led to a plethora of new roll label materials be introduced into the market. The types of label that you use reflects your product, so why not make sure you understand the material. These roll label materials have become a viable asset for … Continued

Eco-Friendly Water Soluble Labels

Water Soluble Labels Environmentally friendly water-soluble labels are an up-and-coming commodity in the label world. Their versatile composition allows for these labels to be used in a multitude of unique applications. Contrary to popular label material, these labels are commonly a paper material combined with a water-soluble adhesive. Both the adhesive and paper face stock … Continued

Type of Roll Label Materials

Types of Roll Label Materials We have spoken a lot about label printers and finishers in our blogs. We’d like to shed some light on the types of materials that the industry has to offer. This blog is on the variety of label materials that the label printers print on and the label finishers slit … Continued