What are Mylar Bags Made Of?

What is Mylar and How is it Made? How often do you see zippered pouches which can store candies, cookies, small bites, other dry food or any perishable and non perishable items for long periods of time? Yes, we are talking about the silver colored zipper pouches which are used to store the above mentioned … Continued

Arrow Systems, Inc. and Sihl Inc. Announce Partnership for Flexible Packaging

Arrow Systems, Inc. and Sihl Partner for Flexible Packaging Solution   Niagara Falls, NY – Arrow Systems, Inc., a leader in the digital printing space, announced a partnership with Sihl Group to pair the Arrowjet Aqua 330R with the Sihl ARTYSIO line of flexible packaging materials. This partnership allows customers looking for ways to digitally … Continued

What is a Pigment Based Inkjet Printer?

What is a Pigment Based Inkjet Printer? Pigment based inkjet is the latest technology used for digital label printing and food packaging. Pigment inks are generally cleaner then their dye based ink or UV ink counter parts. This is especially important when considering food packaging, since most dye based inkjet printers and UV ink printers … Continued

Flexible Packaging and How It's Used

Flexible Packaging and How It’s Used A customer often looks at zip lock pouches, vacuum pouches or stand up pouches with a zip lock at a grocery store. What do you call that type of packaging? The answer to that question is, Flexible packaging. Let’s roll back a bit and understand packaging first. In layman’s … Continued

Top Questions about Custom Food Packaging

Top Questions about Custom Food Packaging As stores adopt new policies on how customers shop within them, it is more important now than ever to create food packaging that allows customers to understand your product at a glance. Wearing masks while shopping makes customers want to get in and out of the store as quickly … Continued

Food Packaging Trends that are Revolutionizing the Industry

Food Packaging Trends that are Revolutionizing the Industry In the food industry – the packaging of your product is almost as important as the contents of the package itself. Apart from catching the eye of the customer – the right food packaging can extend the shelf life of a product or it can make your … Continued

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