15'' Thermal Transfer Printer

The GERBER EDGE Production system is a matched system that includes: The GERBER EDGE FX thermal transfer printer, GERBER OMEGA Software, Gerber 15″ sprocketed plotters, more than 30 EDGE READY materials and substrates, over 75 GerberColor Foils, and Gerber Service and Support.


300, 600 or 1200 dpi on material axis (1200 dpi requires OMEGA 4.0 or later and EDGE FX firmware update). 300 dpi on head axis.

True spot color printing – GerberColor Foils

Save time and generate better quality graphics with dedicated spot colors

SpectraTone™ Color Matching

Lets you create over 3700 pure, vibrant colors

Advanced Foil System

Smart GerberGauge™ RFID technology tracks exact foil usage

Process and specialty colors

In addition to spot colors, Gerber process, metal and fluorescent foils allow you to create full color images

Durable output

3 to 5 years outdoors without lamination

EDGE READY™ materials

Fully compatible with Gerber OMEGA™ design software and a wide range of permanent, removable, semi-rigid substrates

Complete Print and Cut System

Once printed on the EDGE FX, graphics are contour cut on a 15″ EDGE-compatible cutter, adding value to output and saving time

Patented punch pattern

Provides superior accuracy which reduces material shifting, cut time and waste due to cut errors. Enables long unattended runs of up to 50 yards without loss of accuracy

Easy material loading

Load material onto the sprocket wheels for quick, accurate and unattended material feed

EDGE Ready™ materials

Fully compatible with Gerber OMEGA™ design software and a wide range of permanent, removable, semi-rigid substrates

Easy maintenance

Unlike solvent printers, no “wake up” or “put to bed” routines are required. EDGE resin-based foils create no mess and are ready to go immediately

Small footprint

The EDGE FX print-to-cut system requires limited shop space allowing you to get started quickly and inexpensively

Intuitive user interface

Easy for your staff to learn and operate

Use with over 30 Materials

Using heat and pressure to transfer resin-based pigments, the EDGE FX thermal transfer printer can be used on over 30 different substrates including reflective vinyl, clear films, label stock, polyester and many more.

Durable Colors without Lamination

Print with CMYK and over 70 spot colors while GerberColor Spectratone™ lets you create over 3,000 colors by printing spot color foil on top of on another. These are outdoor durable without the use of laminates for up to 5 years!

Cuts Virtually Any Shape

With an enVision™ or GS Series plotter, you are able to contour cut any shape around any printed graphic with no set up and no need for dies.

Product Dimensions
General Information
Temperature:68-78° F
Electrical Specifications
Rated Voltage:100-240 VAC +/- 10%
Printer Specifications
Print Technology:Thermal transfer, tuned, and optimized
Communication Port:Ethernet TCP/IP
Foil Set:- GerberColor™ FX foil family and caddy.
- Not compatible with ColorSet™ foils
Color Type:Spot, Process, Transparent, Medal, LT Heat Transfer, Special Effects, and Finishing Series
  • Power cable (14.5')
  • CAT 5 cross-over Ethernet cable
  • Thermal print head cleaning kit
  • Replacement foil squeegee
  • Replacement material squeegees (2)
  • Foil caddy
  • Roll holder
  • 10 yard roll of material
  • 15 meter foil insert