Roll Label Materials

Arrow Systems, Inc. offers a wide variety of roll label materials for digital label printing. If you are in need of continuous or pre-cut materials call our knowledgeable staff today and they will be happy to help you find the right materials for your label printing equipment.

In addition to all forms of label stock, we offer high-security foils, non-transfer void material, tag stocks, specialty laminates, and much more! Contact us today to learn more!

AD5050A High Resin – FAR Foil

Specifically designed for unparalleled versatility and dependability. Specially formulated for Arrow Systems, Inc.‘s Fabritag FAR material as well as for polypropylene & polyester materials. For use in the most challenging environments and applications from textiles and pharmaceutical labeling to chemical drum and heat shrink wrap labeling. Withstands washing, dry cleaning, ironing, and autoclaving. Provides halogen-type solvent resistance.

AD5010A Fabritag – FAR Material

Arrow Systems, Inc.‘s highly durable, heat-resistant fabritag material is ideal for a wide array of uses from clothing and seatbelt tags to high-stress environment tags. Specially formulated for High Resin FAR Foil for unmatched strength and longevity. Withstands washing, dry cleaning, and ironing. The ideal material for demanding industrial applications.

Non-Transfer Void Materials

Custom print and cut your own non-transfer void materials for industrial security applications. When the material is peeled it shows “VOID” or any other custom message to show that the label has been tampered with. There is no adhesive transfer onto the object the label is attached to, the label itself voids. Perfect for airline doors, as well as other industrial security applications!

Specialty Laminates and Foils

We offer a wide selection of specialty laminates and foils, both for security labels, as well as unique branding. We have a wide selection of digitally printable foils, as well as overlaminates that can be used for finishing labels. To see our full catalog of these materials, contact us today!