The Many Faces of the ArrowJet

The Many Faces of the ArrowJet As we continue to develop the new Memjet Duraflex technology, we want to continue to update our readers on the progress we are making. Our focus over the past 2 years has been to develop the latest technology from Memjet to reach new audiences around the world. The new … Continued

How to Create Custom Packaging

How to Create Custom Printed Packaging With everything going on in the world right now, there has been a rush to create more customized packaging in-house. For our part, we have been receiving more and more inquiries on various packaging and printing machinery that we offer. With this in mind, we thought it would be … Continued

How to Get the Best Quality Label Files: 101

How to Make the Best Quality Label Files for Your Brand and Business    When creating labels, you want them to best represent what you stand for. Your labels are a direct reflection of your band, and that means making sure you have the most accurate image files to best optimize their results.   Accepted … Continued

What is Duraflex® Technology?

What is Memjet® Duraflex® Technology? Digital printing is a rapidly changing environment, with new products and technology coming along every few years like clockwork. One of the latest development in the world of digital printing is the release of Memjet’s Duraflex® technology. The new technology from Memjet is the latest in high-speed water based pigment … Continued

Flexible Packaging: Do Something Drastic, Cut the Plastic

Flexible Packaging: Do Something Drastic, Cut the Plastic   What’s Changing in Flexible Packaging? After this pandemic, the packaging industry has seen a vast change in terms of requirements and innovations. With everyone sitting at home, the demand for flexible food packaging and sanitizing agents has increased multifold. Home-delivery picked up because that was the … Continued

Print Speed vs Quality: Which is More Important?  

Print Speed vs Quality: Which is More Important?  According to Google, print speed is the averaged measurement of pages per minute the printer is capable of printing. It may be used differently for color or monochrome inks, and doesn’t include processing and warmup time. Print resolution measures the dot per inch of either an ink … Continued

The Digital Printing Industry: A Market on the Move

The Digital Printing Industry: A Market on the Move   What is the Digital Printing Industry? The Digital Printing Industry comprises color, black and white, wide-format and prepress machines that print graphical material with digital equipment. These machines are a sophisticated, new technology that is changing the way the printing industry does business.   What … Continued

First Roll-to-roll Memjet Duraflex Install in North America

Scott, Louisiana – Hulco Printers, Inc., a company dedicated to delivering quality printing services, recognized the importance of making a necessary investment in their label printing. They recently purchased an ArrowJet Aqua 330R from Arrow Systems, Inc. to help streamline and increase their label production.   Due to Hulco’s rapid expansion, the company has seen a … Continued

Warehouse Labeling: What’s the Right Way to do it?

Warehouse Labeling: What’s the Right Way to do it?   The Warehouse Environment  In light of increased e-commerce, the environment and organization of your warehouse is growing more important as the world continues to move. Warehouse labeling systems help your business to navigate and maintain order of the warehouse, and helps warehouse employees track inventory … Continued

The Best Inks for Digital Inkjet Printing

The Best Inks for Digital Inkjet Printing It seems that in this day and age, faster, and easily customizable items and gadgets are a necessity we can’t live without. The same can be said for the industrial printing industry; with entrepreneurship and e-commerce on the rise, the need for versatility and one-of-a-kind packaging has never … Continued