What is a Pigment Based Inkjet Printer?

What is a Pigment Based Inkjet Printer? Pigment based inkjet is the latest technology used for digital label printing and food packaging. Pigment inks are generally cleaner then their dye based ink or UV ink counter parts. This is especially important when considering food packaging, since most dye based inkjet printers and UV ink printers … Continued

US Ticket Installs Anycut III Laser Finisher

Ann Arbor, MI – US Ticket, a long time player in the event ticket and tag market, has recently added the Anycut III from Arrow Systems, Inc. to allow for label production to support their customers and the growing need for custom printed labels throughout Michigan and the US. The Anycut III laser finisher allows … Continued

Short Run Label Printing

Short Run Label Printers In todays blog we discuss the benefits of short run label printing and why it’s beneficial to companies to do this inhouse rather than subbing the work out to the local label printer. The main points we want to touch on are: What are short run labels? What are the benefits … Continued

How to Print Your Own Custom Boxes

How can you create custom boxes? Creating a custom packaging is an innovative process to market and eventually sell a product. Before we deal with the ‘how’ to create a custom packaging, let us quickly understand the ‘why’. Why Should You Use Custom Packaging? With the growing technology, custom packaging is becoming easier by the … Continued

The Benefits of Short Run Label Printing

The Benefits of Short Run Label and Sticker Printing Ever increasing demand for label printing has made short run label printing very flexible and convenient. Label manufacturers have many options at their perusal to print short run labels on demand. With the latest technology being used in the label printing industry, inhouse label printers makes … Continued

Cannabis Packaging and Printing

Best Label Printers for Weed Labels and Stickers With the new sets of laws and regulations regarding usage of marijuana changing in the US and Canada, the weed label printing industry is growing exponentially. It is quite difficult to maintain the standards set by the respective states to govern marijuana usage. Hence, the product label … Continued

ClearTech Industries Installs EBRM+ Label Finisher

ClearTech Industries Adds to Finishing Their Label Department Port Coquitlam, British Columbia – ClearTech industries, a long time customer of Arrow Systems, Inc., has added finishing capabilities to their label department in British Columbia. They have been utilizing an Any-002 label printer for almost 5 years to print their GHS and BS-5609 compliant labels. The … Continued

Customizability and MOQs for Labels and Packaging

Customizability and MOQs for Labels and Packaging How digital printing can help to create more customized packaging with no MOQs When it comes to labels and packaging, every supplier will have a specific minimum order quantity for what they want the customers to buy. The reason for having these minimum order quantities (MOQ) is because … Continued

Top 5 Digital Label Cutters for 2021

The Best Digital Label Cutters for 2021 We’re a few days away from 2021 and we are bringing our top digital label finishers in this blog. 2020 has brought a big change to every industry, but with the best brands coming up, the best technology label cutters are here to stay for the long haul. Let’s … Continued

Trends in the Digital Label Printing Industry

Trends in the Digital Label Printing Industry With 2020 coming to a close, we wanted to look back at some trends that we at Arrow Systems, Inc. have noticed throughout this year. Without our annual tradeshows, it can be tough for the consumer to see where things are headed in the digital label printing industry. … Continued

Digital Printing Equipment, Fume Extraction & Digital Label Printers in The U.S. and Canada

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