Interactive Packaging Helps You Take Yours To The Next Level

What is Interactive Packaging?: This new technology realizes that the product isn’t the only factor consumers utilize to decide on purchasing behavior. Its goal is to involve the consumer with a memorable, deeper experience that stimulates familiarity and ultimately brand awareness. This type of branding allows consumers to experience a new understanding relationship with the … Continued

How Packaging is Helping to Combat Counterfeit Products

Combating Counterfeit: Counterfeit consumer goods are goods (often of inferior quality) made or sold under another brand’s name without their permission or authorization. These goods infringe on the legal brand’s trademark or patent passing the good off as the real brand despite being an inferior, possibly dangerous version of the real product.  According to the … Continued

Customized Boxes and Their Importance To Your Company

How to Print Custom Cardboard Boxes: Why should we print cardboard boxes? During a time where digital ads, social media, and other technology dominate the industry worrying customizing your packaging is a waste of time is a valid concern.  Advertising is a tool used to build your brand awareness which ultimately helps your product stand … Continued

The Coffee Industry and Flexible Packaging

There’s More To Coffee Than You Think. Did you know the coffee industry in the United States alone yields upward of $200 billion a year? Not counting that people globally are drinking over 500 Billion cups of coffee a year. Coffee is the most sought-after commodity after crude oil.  Putting this into perspective, the coffee … Continued

How to Increase Brand Awareness For Your Business

What is Brand Awareness: Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or images of a particular brand. The degree of consumer recognition has important effects on consumer decision-making. It influences which brands enter the consumer’s consideration set and ultimately influences which brand is selected from that subconscious set.  … Continued

The Impact of Packaging for Your Business

Consumer Behavior and Brand Positioning Have you ever taken a moment to understand consumer behavior and how it influences brand positioning? Often overlooked, the design of your product is the visual communication between a brand and its potential consumers. Other ad vehicles like social media campaigns have the ability to influence communication and reach your … Continued

Single Pass Vs. Multiple Pass Printing - Which is Best for your Business?

Single Pass Vs. Multiple Pass Printing The printing process has come a long way from the original presses we’ve relied on for years. The introduction of digital printing not only reduced costs and time needed, but also increased the quality of our prints to the high-quality prints we are familiar with today. Within digital printing, … Continued

Dye Based Ink Vs. Pigmented Inks

Dye Based Ink Vs. Pigment Inks   The History of Ink From cave paintings to the very first inks produced in China, ink is a very old creation that continues to improve as time goes on. The very first printing press developed by Johannes Gutenberg used oil-based inks that prevented the press from smudging and … Continued

Save Time and Money by Cutting Your Own Labels!

Looking for Die Cut Labels? Make Them With a Label Cutter! If your company is using a digital label printer from the likes of Epson, Afinia, Primera, or many others it is very likely that you are constantly searching for the lowest cost labels you can find. While printing your own roll labels in-house is … Continued

What is a RIP Software and What is It Used For?

What is a RIP Software and What is It Used For Digital label printing incorporates many moving parts to get the high-quality product you are looking for. From the media you select to print on, to the ink chemistry, all these separate facets come together to have an impact on your final product. One often … Continued

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