What is a RIP Software and What is It Used For?

What is a RIP Software and What is It Used For Digital label printing incorporates many moving parts to get the high-quality product you are looking for. From the media you select to print on, to the ink chemistry, all these separate facets come together to have an impact on your final product. One often … Continued

Designing for Print - Setting Up Crops and Bleed  

Designing for Print – Setting Up Crops and Bleed   Has this ever happened to you? You’ve just printed a beautiful new logo, poster, or other advertising material, and discovered that your printer has left white borders around the edges. It cheapens the appearance of the material, and even cuts parts off of your design! … Continued

All About Label Materials

All About Label Materials Technological advances in the label printing industry have led to a plethora of new roll label materials be introduced into the market. The types of label that you use reflects your product, so why not make sure you understand the material. These roll label materials have become a viable asset for … Continued

Types of Label Printing Techniques

Types of Label Printing Techniques Printing dates to 3500 BC when Elamite and Sumerian civilizations used cylinder molds to certify documents written in clay. Upon the conception of printing, various other technologies have grown and adapted to our societal needs and desires. This article will dive into various forms of printing technologies and what benefits … Continued

Eco-Friendly Water Soluble Labels

Water Soluble Labels Environmentally friendly water-soluble labels are an up-and-coming commodity in the label world. Their versatile composition allows for these labels to be used in a multitude of unique applications. Contrary to popular label material, these labels are commonly a paper material combined with a water-soluble adhesive. Both the adhesive and paper face stock … Continued

How to Print Labels for Your Products

How to Print Labels for Your Products We often receive inquiries from visitors to our blog on how they can start printing their own full color labels. While we are always willing to help, we figured that making a blog post on what is required to get started might help a lot of visitors. One … Continued

Digital Printing for Food Packaging and Labels

Ingredients for Food Packaging Labels Labeling is a mode of communication graphically and electronically on a given product. The communication clearly represents the intention of the manufacturer to sell the product. Food packaging is one such segment where manufacturers use various designs to put on their products via labeling, with the sole purpose of catching … Continued

Industrial Chemical Company Installs Anycut III Laser Finisher

Pacific Innovations, LLC Installs Laser Cutter to Boost Label Production Chicago, IL – Pacific Innovations, LLC., a company specializing in isopropyl alcohol and other industrial chemicals, recently purchased and installed the Anycut III from Arrow Systems, Inc. The laser finishing solution will help Pacific Innovations laminate and cut BS-5609 compliant isopropyl alcohol labels and other … Continued

The Benefits of Color Label Printing

The Benefits of Color Label Printing Color label printing is at the most niche place right now within the printing industry. Color label printers are product life cycle ends at the maturity stage and we do not believe it will ever see the decline stage. The product packaging industry is heavily relied upon by the … Continued

What are Mylar Bags Made Of?

What is Mylar and How is it Made? How often do you see zippered pouches which can store candies, cookies, small bites, other dry food or any perishable and non perishable items for long periods of time? Yes, we are talking about the silver colored zipper pouches which are used to store the above mentioned … Continued

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