Why Dye Based Ink Prices are Increasing

Memjet Ink Price Increases; Why It’s Happening Recently, Memjet sent out a press release to all of their manufacturing and OEM partners in regards to their Versapass inkjet printers. This price increase dramatically increases the cost of inks and print heads for all of their dye based engines. The companies affected by this are far … Continued

Direct to Package Printing: How it's Streamlining the Digital Process

Direct to Package Printing: How it’s Streamlining the Digital Process   How do Labels Work?: The typical label designed for product development primarily consists of three main components: 1)   Face Stock – the material that is being printed on 2)   Adhesive – the sticky section of the material that is directly applied to … Continued

Eco-Friendly Packaging

How to Grow your Business with Eco-Friendly Packaging With an increased awareness about climate change in recent years, eco-friendly packaging is becoming a more important aspect in the retail industry. How can organizations adjust to these standards while guaranteeing that it’s best for their business? New data suggests that shopper interest for sustainability continues to … Continued

India Bans Use of Toluene in Food Packaging Printing Ink

The Change in Food Packaging The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) has officially banned the use of Toluene in India. Toluene has been a part of the industry for years. Other countries such as Europe and the US have banned its use for a number of … Continued

What's Changing In Food Packaging?

What Is Food Packaging? Food packaging began with canned foods nearly 200 years ago before the introduction of paperboard and glass containers. Technologies like polymer chemistry have brought us the new innovations we are seeing on the market like flexible packaging and rigid plastics. With packaging moving towards biodegradable and eco-conscious alternatives food packaging is … Continued

Hybrid Printing: Is It Right For Your Business?

Hybrid Printing: Is It Right For Your Business? Hybrid Printing technology combines traditional printing technology with inkjet on a single-pass print system. It allows your business optimal performance by blending analog and digital with UV inks or water-based ink for your printing processes. To begin, we must understand why a business may choose a digital … Continued

The Beginner's Guidebook To All Things Labels

The Beginner’s Guidebook To All Things Label Printing While labeling might appear as a design on your favorite products they’re so much more. They provide you with key features and highlights of the product, pricing, and even nutritional information or warnings. Because of this the longevity and durability of your labels are of utmost importance. … Continued

UV LED Printing - Why Choose it?

UV Printing What is it?: UV Printing (Ultra Violet Printing) utilizes special UV LED inks that cure onto a substrate via UV light. These inks are laid on as a liquid, and once they are exposed to Ultra violet light they begin to cure. UV inks are continuing to gain popularity over the last few … Continued

In-House Finishing Is Possible With Digital Solutions!

ArrowJet Mini Helps Your Business Produce In-House! Looking to start printing your own labels but don’t know where to start? These new labeling and finishing combinations may be the perfect fit for your business. ArrowJet Mini is the perfect entry-level label printer. It boasts a compact design that is ideal for any office or industrial … Continued

Stop Outsourcing Today With ArrowJet Mini!

In-House Printing is The Right Choice For Your Small Business! When running a small business, it is wise to use in-house labeling over outsourcing to another company as it allows your business to become more efficient.  Oftentimes, when you get a quote from another labeling company they require a minimum quantity to be ordered before … Continued

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