How To Make Water Bottle Labels

How To Make Water Bottle Labels It is extremely common to see someone on the street walking around with a water bottle in hand, and without a doubt every water bottle has a label. Many of these labels are the name brands that everyone in the United States and Canada are familiar with. Names like … Continued

Top Benefits of Printing Custom Labels

Top Benefits of Printing Custom Labels With respect to how your target audience perceives your products or services, custom labels create a ton of difference. They not only add value to your offering, but they also help you convey a particular message to your audience by branding your offering in the correct manner. Custom label … Continued

How to Design Your Labels

Know Your Product Half the battle in designing and printing labels for your products is knowing that product and what it will need to thrive in a competitive market. The product itself may have specific needs as far as packaging. This could include waterproof adhesives and labels for products that may come in contact with … Continued

Trends in Labeling

Back to Basics Simple and bold labels seem to be making a comeback. These designs are effective because it limits the work the eye has to do in order to see what you’re trying to sell. By keeping your branding clear and concise you are able to eliminate the background print that make it confusing … Continued

Natural Wine Labels

Natural Wine Labels     Should you buy a wine based on the label alone? If the wine in question is a natural wine, the answer is more than likely yes.  Natural wines tend to stand out on wine store shelves for their distinctive label designs.  From whimsical animals, cartoon characters, imagined city skylines, and … Continued

The American Bumper Sticker:  A Brief History

Did you know that road rage is more common among drivers whose cars bear bumper stickers than among those who cars are sticker-less, regardless of the belief system expressed by those stickers?   So says the author of a 2005 study on road rage, and it may be a uniquely American index of just how … Continued

Allergens and Food Labeling: What You Need to Know

Food allergies are a serious topic for consumers. Deadly serious, in fact. This fact makes it all the more important that your product has the proper labels to disclose any allergens that may be contained. Approximately 15 million people in the U.S. have food allergies, including 9 million adults, or roughly 4% of the population, … Continued

What Should Your E-Juice Labels Look Like?

E-juice labels may seem overwhelming at first, but they’re a lot less intimidating if you can nail down these guidelines: Your E-Juice Label should be the right size Your brand’s personality is always important, but typical e-juice labels are pretty small. With such little real estate available on your e-juice bottle, you may be worried … Continued

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