How to Get the Best Quality Label Files: 101

How to Make the Best Quality Label Files for Your Brand and Business    When creating labels, you want them to best represent what you stand for. Your labels are a direct reflection of your band, and that means making sure you have the most accurate image files to best optimize their results.   Accepted … Continued

What is Duraflex® Technology?

What is Memjet® Duraflex® Technology? Digital printing is a rapidly changing environment, with new products and technology coming along every few years like clockwork. One of the latest development in the world of digital printing is the release of Memjet’s Duraflex® technology. The new technology from Memjet is the latest in high-speed water based pigment … Continued

The Digital Printing Industry: A Market on the Move

The Digital Printing Industry: A Market on the Move   What is the Digital Printing Industry? The Digital Printing Industry comprises color, black and white, wide-format and prepress machines that print graphical material with digital equipment. These machines are a sophisticated, new technology that is changing the way the printing industry does business.   What … Continued

First Roll-to-roll Memjet Duraflex Install in North America

Scott, Louisiana – Hulco Printers, Inc., a company dedicated to delivering quality printing services, recognized the importance of making a necessary investment in their label printing. They recently purchased an ArrowJet Aqua 330R from Arrow Systems, Inc. to help streamline and increase their label production.   Due to Hulco’s rapid expansion, the company has seen a … Continued

Warehouse Labeling: What’s the Right Way to do it?

Warehouse Labeling: What’s the Right Way to do it?   The Warehouse Environment  In light of increased e-commerce, the environment and organization of your warehouse is growing more important as the world continues to move. Warehouse labeling systems help your business to navigate and maintain order of the warehouse, and helps warehouse employees track inventory … Continued

Recyclability: Going Green with Your Labels

Recyclability: Going Green with Your Labels The label market has seen a constant shift in sustainability, especially during the last two years. People have since re-evaluated what they value most in their products, which includes eco-friendly and energy efficient items they can use without the added guilt and uncertainty that what they are consuming is … Continued

European Compliance Standards on Flexible Packaging

European Compliance Standards on Flexible Packaging New European Standards in Packaging The European Union has always placed strict regulations on their protective packaging, and continues to do so; re-evaluating their socio and economic impact, especially in recent years. While Nestlé as an international company has its own standards on packaging and is more well known … Continued

The Innovation Behind Memjet's Digital Printing Technology

The Innovation Behind Memjet’s Digital Printing Technology   The Power of Memjet Printing: Digital printing has seen many changes in recent years, and even more so with the rise of COVID-19 pandemic and the rise in the demand for digital printing. When production is continuous, digital roll-to-roll printing will achieve far greater speeds than traditional … Continued

Label Market Trends in 2022

Label Market Trends in 2022 The pandemic has taken a toll on how we live our lives and how we interact with the rest of the world. One of the most important changes brought on by the pandemic is how we shop and what we shop for. It’s caused an uptick in e-commerce and with … Continued

Hybrid Printing: The Future is Here

Hybrid Printing: The Future is Here   What is Hybrid Printing? First off, we need to define what ‘hybrid’ printing means. The concept of hybrid printing is genuinely understood to refer to a combination of digital and analogue print technology with inline conversion capabilities. It was designed to combine the benefits of roll-to-roll digital printing … Continued