Print Speed vs Quality: Which is More Important?  

Print Speed vs Quality: Which is More Important?  According to Google, print speed is the averaged measurement of pages per minute the printer is capable of printing. It may be used differently for color or monochrome inks, and doesn’t include processing and warmup time. Print resolution measures the dot per inch of either an ink … Continued

New Inkjet Printing Solutions On Plastics

New Inkjet Printing Solutions On Plastics Dr. Kai Bar, Managing Director and President of adphos, recently discussed how the drying and pre-post-print processing can influence or even drive successful inkjet printing on plastics for packaging applications. The adphos Group is a family of privately owned companies focused on the development of adphosNIR thermal drying technology … Continued

The Beginner's Guidebook To All Things Labels

The Beginner’s Guidebook To All Things Label Printing While labeling might appear as a design on your favorite products they’re so much more. They provide you with key features and highlights of the product, pricing, and even nutritional information or warnings. Because of this the longevity and durability of your labels are of utmost importance. … Continued

The Beginner's Guidebook To Digital Printing

The Beginner’s Guidebook To Digital Printing When attempting to enter into the digital industry it’s easy to become overwhelmed. What is the best way to produce this many labels? Can I produce my own coffee packaging? Do I need a finisher or can I buy them pre-cut? When attempting to streamline your business the specificities … Continued

All About (Label) Applicators

What is a Label Applicator? We have talked a great deal about labeling machines, product packaging and label materials before. Now let us take a step further and talk about an important process in the pipeline of printing labels i.e label applicators In today’s blog we will break down the meaning of label applicators for … Continued