How to Print Your Own Custom-Made Boxes

How to Print Your Own Custom-Made Boxes Why is Your Packaging Design Important? With all the new products, social media, and latest trends out there, it can be hard to differentiate yourself in the industry when it comes to getting your name and brand to the masses. You’ve increased your marketing strategy and taken the … Continued

Partner Highlight: Printing at the Speed of Light with Limitronic

Partner Highlight: Printing at the Speed of Light with Limitronic The tide is shifting and digital printing is at the forefront of it all. With all the new label printers out there, it can be difficult to choose which printing system is right for a brand or business.  Taking the first step in finding that … Continued

New Inkjet Printing Solutions On Plastics

New Inkjet Printing Solutions On Plastics Dr. Kai Bar, Managing Director and President of adphos, recently discussed how the drying and pre-post-print processing can influence or even drive successful inkjet printing on plastics for packaging applications. The adphos Group is a family of privately owned companies focused on the development of adphosNIR thermal drying technology … Continued

Direct to Package Printing: How it's Streamlining the Digital Process

Direct to Package Printing: How it’s Streamlining the Digital Process   How do Labels Work?: The typical label designed for product development primarily consists of three main components: 1)   Face Stock – the material that is being printed on 2)   Adhesive – the sticky section of the material that is directly applied to … Continued

Eco-Friendly Packaging

How to Grow your Business with Eco-Friendly Packaging With an increased awareness about climate change in recent years, eco-friendly packaging is becoming a more important aspect in the retail industry. How can organizations adjust to these standards while guaranteeing that it’s best for their business? New data suggests that shopper interest for sustainability continues to … Continued

UV LED Printing - Why Choose it?

UV Printing What is it?: UV Printing (Ultra Violet Printing) utilizes special UV LED inks that cure onto a substrate via UV light. These inks are laid on as a liquid, and once they are exposed to Ultra violet light they begin to cure. UV inks are continuing to gain popularity over the last few … Continued

How Packaging is Helping to Combat Counterfeit Products

Combating Counterfeit: Counterfeit consumer goods are goods (often of inferior quality) made or sold under another brand’s name without their permission or authorization. These goods infringe on the legal brand’s trademark or patent passing the good off as the real brand despite being an inferior, possibly dangerous version of the real product.  According to the … Continued