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Partner Highlight: Printing at the Speed of Light with Limitronic

Partner Highlight: Printing at the Speed of Light with Limitronic

The tide is shifting and digital printing is at the forefront of it all. With all the new label printers out there, it can be difficult to choose which printing system is right for a brand or business.  Taking the first step in finding that perfect solution is tricky and not a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. One business to look out for this year is Limitronic – with over 30 years of experience providing complete coding, marking and customization solutions, in the hi-res sector, Limitronic equipment means reliability, robustness, high print quality, and flexibility in printing large production labels.Limitronic is paving the way for industrial label and packaging with the V6 digital label printer. This digital printer can give direct-to-packageing
V7 Color
The Limitronic V7 Color in action
customization on boxes and flexible packaging. The label printing industry is growing, and with it the demands for faster, more durable packaging that can withstand the impending influx.Printing countless labels when time and inventory can be saved by printing directly onto the substrate, will take the stress out of high-consumable costs, loss of potential leads, and dreaded downtime. By printing directly onto their packaging, prospective businesses can detail their products in real-time, and reduce the stock of pre-printed containers. Custom industrial labels are designed and manufactured and easily integrated into the entire printing process. Product coding has never been simpler, and it can be done with high-resolution, UV curable inks.The flexibility of short runs is only increased with direct-to-packaging printing. Designed for printing on corrugate, plastics, materials and more, the Limitronic line of digital printers allows customers full customization of their packaging on-site. The new UV LED Ink Printer is a high contrast, low maintenance machine that provides high speed, single-pass printing at a high resolution. It allows for instant drying. It’s also economical; it’s space-saving design offers the utmost quality, with an integrated graphic editor, printing optimal results on everything from wood to QR codes.Print with solvent-free inks that provide vivid, long-lasting color that is both fade resistant and waterproof. It provides the freedom to print faster for less, while preventing lag time when changing consumables. This also helps keep your prints consistent and clear of abnormalities.


The use of single-pass technology combined with the multi-module printing head allows you to combine printheads for increased production at speeds up to 200 feet per minute.


Customize your boxes and containers in real time to meet your specific company requirements, from the busiest to the slowest production levels. The adaptability enables you to print, swap tasks, and continue with little to no interruption.


Labeling products frequently necessitates pause to attach the label on the product or packaging. The method prints on items and boxes as they are moving (at speeds of up to 50 meters per minute depending on the equipment). As a result, the marking procedure is extremely efficient and cost-effective.


Savings on consumables are made possible by high-resolution printing technology. Reduced ink usage is a result of high precision printing. A single conventional label can cost up to eight times as much as printing the same amount of information using Limitronic technology.


Removing label rolls or replacing ribbons involves stopping the production process, which raises expenses. On the contrary, there is no need to shut down the line to change the ink bottles with Limitronic, which increases production competitiveness.

No Limits  

In other instances, such as the food industry, items require cold storage and specific adhesive labels, which are generally more expensive than standard ones. Otherwise, temperature variations can cause labels to tear off the packing. Limitronic digital inkjet printing directly on the object demonstrates flawless printing with information that is always readable even in these frigid environments.Request a quote today to find out more about how Limitronic’s product range is the best printing option for your business. Limitronic offers variety in your product, from basic barcodes for inventory to full-color printing on the fly. Limitronic provides businesses the opportunity to expand upon the label making process and change the game on their label printing needs.

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