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Top 5 Label Finishers for 2022

Top 5 Label Finishers for 2022

It’s that time of year again! We’re bringing you our top 5 digital Label Finishers for the 2022 year. Take a look at our updated list from 2021! Last year brought big changes to the industry with even more to come. Here are some of the leading label cutting technologies that work nicely with many of the most recent digital label printers. Let’s talk about the top laser finishers and label die cutters to look forward to in 2022.  

5. Arrow EZcut 240

Arrow EZcut 240 The Arrow EZCut 240 is a compact blade finisher suited for label and sticker production in-house. It can be used in conjunction with a number of label printers to provide a complete label printing package. It’s ideal for in-house cannabis label, cosmetic label, bespoke water bottle label, and sticker creation.It has twin cutting heads, inline lamination, and slitting for a complete production workflow. This finisher makes it easier to cut stickers from practically any inkjet label printer or  Memjet digital printer to automatically cut out any size or shape sticker.   

4. Arrow EZcut 330R

With a blade cutter for labels and the highest quality dual cutting heads, the EZcut 330R enables precise cutting every time. It canArrow EZcut 330R be configured with up to four cutting heads for unrivaled speed and efficiency.  The integrated web guide ensures that everything runs smoothly across the system, while the combined waste disposal and slitting capabilities make this machine a one-stop finishing solution for all your printing needs. 

3. Arrow EZcut 330A

Arrow EZcut 330AThe Arrow EZCut 330A is the world’s first digital blade finishing system that can accommodate both roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet cutting. Customers can digitally die-cut label stock and convert it to roll to roll or roll to sheet using inline sheeting equipment. The Arrow EZCut 330A is ideal for short to medium length print finishing, and has the ability to automatically sheet to size without the use of extra equipment  The sheeting method may be used in conjunction with cutting or as an offline option to cut roll items to any length needed. The high speed cutting head operates at speeds of up to 25’/min and may be outfitted with up to four cutting heads at the same time.

2. ArrowCut Nova 250R – Laser Die-Cutter

  ArrowCut Nova 250RThe ArrowCut Nova 250R is the most recent advancement in laser finishing technology. It’s the ideal choice when pairing with a digital label printer since it has a small footprint but all the capability of a larger finisher equipment. In one pass, laminate, die-cut, eliminate waste, and slice your rolls labels to size. The ArrowCut Nova 250R also allows users to perforate and make complete cuts with ease. The ArrowCut Nova 250R comes standard with an 80W laser, but it may be upgraded to a 150W laser for quicker output. For unrivaled versatility and performance, full cuts, kiss cuts, perforations, and variable data labeling can all be executed in a single pass. Cut papers, films, and even alloyed or reflective materials without yellowing or fading.   

1. ArrowCut Nova 330R – Roll to Roll Laser Cutter

ArrowCut Nova 330RUsers can drastically speed up their digital finishing by being able to laminate, die-cut, remove matrix, and slit all in line. An in-line web guide maintains the media straight and extends the laser’s tolerance to.02 mm. The ArrowCut Nova 330R can die-cut paper, PET, PP, BOPP, Lexan to name a few. Create blank cuts or die-cut printed items for use with printers that accept pre-cut materials. For a completely automated operation, the ArrowCut Nova 330R can be utilized in conjunction with Memjet printing technology, allowing you to print and cut in-line at 30 feet per minute. The simple user software allows you to get up and running quickly, and a touch screen interface allows you to see exactly how your system is performing. The ArrowCut Nova 330R genuinely represents the cutting-edge of digital finishing technology and it reduces the need for retooling by printing up 10,000 labels an hour. We hope you are looking forward to what the label industry has in store for you in 2022. Arrow Systems will answer any inquiries you may have concerning your print jobs. We offer a variety of printers and finishers available to help you discover the best solution for your label printing needs. More information about the above-mentioned finishers can be found here.

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