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UV LED Printing – Why Choose it?

UV Printing What is it?:

UV Printing (Ultra Violet Printing) utilizes special UV LED inks that cure onto a substrate via UV light. These inks are laid on as a liquid, and once they are exposed to Ultra violet light they begin to cure. UV inks are continuing to gain popularity over the last few years due to the high-quality prints and the ability to print on a wide range of substrates without priming.

LED UV is the latest form of UV Printing that uses LED (Light-Emitting Diodes) which functions at a different wavelength than the traditional UV Technology. The ink is cured directly onto the substrate with a UV LED light in little to no wait time. These LED lamps are much less expensive to run than their predecessor the mercury lamp. With innovations in automation and robotics, UV technology is quickly becoming the future of digital printing due to its high speed and extreme versatility.

Are UV LED Inks More Expensive?:

UV LED are special inks that allow your business to print on virtually any substrate possible. They’re economic, environmentally friendly and are growing in popularity as new technology continues to improve.  While UV LED inks initially, may be more expensive than your conventional inks there are many factors to consider other than basing a decision off of just initial cost.

LED Inks cure almost instantaneously. Due to the lesser absorption required, it lessens the dry time needed to cure the ink to the substrate. Ultimately this increases your company’s production per hour. The less time you’ll spend waiting for ink to dry and switching consumables the productivity will begin to offset that initial cost when compared to traditional inks.

In conventional digital inkjet technology, the time needed to dry your inks is factored into your production speed. With UV LED technology, you’ll be printing more efficiently compared to traditional inkjet technologies.

It is important to keep in mind that these inks also are a new technology. If we refer back to the years when print technology was still on the presses and each individual plate had to be formulated, the cost of printing was exceptionally high. UV LED technology while gaining popularity is still new. As technology advances and continues to improve with time, the cost of working with these new ink technologies too will become more affordable with time.

Just as traditional methods have been able to move into the homes of many consumers, UV technology will become more and more accessible as technology continues to advance.

Why UV LED Printing?:

UV methods don’t produce VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Volatile Organic Compounds are a solvent that is emitted into the atmosphere when ink is settled into a substrate and dries. The compounds evaporate off and are responsible for contributing to greenhouse gases that are harming the environment.

The lack of these in UV printers makes it an environmentally friendly option for your company’s print needs. If your company keeps sustainability in mind, UV technology may be something that you’d want to look into to increase efficiency while maintaining a good eco-friendly footprint in the industry.

UV Technology isn’t just eco-friendly; It’s economical. New technology is showing that it is fast with no drying time and can cure almost instantly. This allows for on-demand flexibility and versatility in your print jobs. Never hesitate to accept a job or consider lead times as you’ll be able to accurately schedule now that UV technology saves you company time and hassle downstream.

One of the most important reasons UV Digital technology is becoming so popular is because of the sharp, vibrant prints it is able to produce with little to no setup time. Seamlessly switch from one job to the next with the benefits of digital short runs. Without the limits of substrates, easily print on virtually anything and you can rest assured that the print will come out quality and vibrant.

This printing technology is also becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that these prints aren’t prone to migration, smudging, or fading. The instant cure of the ink into the substrate allows your prints to come off the printer quickly without having to factor in drying times. They boast longevity as well. You’ll never have to worry about coatings or lamination while printing directly on cardboard, metal, or wood.

Has your company been interested in white inks? UltraViolet light printing is bringing white ink to your business! Originally with CMYK technology, printing on darker substrates was hard or even impossible. New white inks have made it possible by denying light and when layered, it allows businesses to produce vibrant prints on numerous substrates; including the darker ones, with the amazing quality your products deserve.

Arrow Systems Presents Limitronic:


The Limitronic V6 Color is a full-color, industrial UV LED printer for virtually any substrate. It allows you to combine printheads for increased production at almost 200 feet a minute using single-pass technology.

This machine allows your business to customize your boxes and containers in real-time to keep up with your unique business needs from the busiest to the slowest of production levels. The flexibility allows you to continue to print, switch jobs and continue with little to no stopping.

Limitronic continues however with the Limitronic V7 Color and Limitronic V7 White. These are high-speed, single-pass inkjet printers that feature a compact design without foregoing the performance you’d expect from UV print technology. These new printers feature not only optimal printing capabilities, but they also bring to you the new white inkjet technology that your company didn’t know it needed.

Request a quote today to find out more about how Limitronic’s line of products is the perfect UV printing solution for your business. From producing simple barcodes for inventory or producing full-color prints on a moving vessel, Limitronic brings you opportunities.

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