Digital Printing for Packaging

Digital Printing for Boxes

V6 Color is a full color industrial printer for boxes with modular solutions. Allow us to customize packaging printing in real time and packaging coding.

Online decoration and coding

Modular solutions

Industrial console

Multiple possibilities for color blocks

Customized printing height

Integrated message editor

Digital printing for industry 4.0

Coding, Marking, and Printing on Boxes


  • CMYK system for color printing
  • Native resolution of 180dpi
  • Multiple densities and contrasts
  • High quality bar codes. GS-1 standard
  • Intuitive user environment
  • Actual on-screen preview of the message to be printed (WYSIWYG)
  • Oil based and UV LED inks
  • Remote assistance
  • Integration with post-print barcode reader
  • Scripting for full customization of job
  • Multiple integrated color profiles


  • Box customization in real-time
  • Reduction of stock of pre-printed containers
  • Flexibility in short print runs and promotions
  • Practically zero maintenance
  • No stoppages to change consumables
  • Coding and decoration with just one piece of equipment
Media Handling
Minimum System Requirements
Operating Environment
Operation:5 - 45 degrees Celsius (41 - 113 degrees Fahreheit)
Electrical Specifications
Printing Function
Printer Specifications
Communication Port:1 x RS-232
1 x RS-422/485/232 (optional)
1 x WiFi (optional)
Print Quality
Printer Fonts:True Type, Open type Fonts
Configuration:V6 Color 70: 180dpi, 70mm, CMYK
V6 Color 140: 180dpi, 140mm, CMYK
V6 Color 70D: 180 dpi. 70mm, CMYK
V6 Color 140D: 180 dpi, 140mm, CMYK