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Stop Outsourcing Today With ArrowJet Mini!

In-House Printing is The Right Choice For Your Small Business!

When running a small business, it is wise to use in-house labeling over outsourcing to another company as it allows your business to become more efficient.  Oftentimes, when you get a quote from another labeling company they require a minimum quantity to be ordered before they will even accept the purchase order. In the case of short runs, you may only need 500 labels, but the minimum quantity ordered with their label printer is 1,000 labels.  This can lead to excess labels while not managing your cost-effectively. The overstocking of inventory may not appear to be a hassle in the beginning over time however, it can become a cost that accumulates for your business. Being able to utilize digital printing technology within your company can allow you to produce on-demand volume and high-quality labels while keeping costs relatively low.  The use of a digital printer for custom labels at your business can help maintain control over the variable data that you are printing and help you transition seamlessly from one short run to the next.  Also if you are printing labels involved with chemicals it will be easy to change the data when needed on your labels. The Global Harmonized System for chemical labeling has had a huge impact on the digital print industry. As regulations continue to change, the capability of printing labels in-house allows your business to switch from one regulation to the next seamlessly and efficiently. No longer does your business need to consider overstocked inventory as digital printing technology allows your business to print just enough each and every time. 

Why Digital Printing?:

There is still a place in today’s printing world for commercial outsourced printing. In cases of extremely long runs of very high quality or specialized material, a commercial printing facility would be the way to go. However, with the majority of today’s digital printing falling in the category of low print runs, in-house offers more benefits than outsourcing these jobs commercially.  It can create the orders in a less expensive manner and also requires less time to do the job. There is also less waste than having the same run produced commercially. Another advantage of in-house printing is having a better sense of security of the data that is being printed on the labels. When sending outsourced production printing you must be aware of what kinds of data is being printed, how that data is being sent to the outsourced printer as well as how the outsourced printer handles, uses and stores the data once it is received.  Due to all these security concerns, industries such as law and finance have begun to move toward in-house printing so they don’t have to worry about all these different variables. There are also a lot of differences between businesses that control their print production compared to those that send their jobs off to third-party companies.  Businesses that utilize their own in-house printing are more invested in the success of the campaign because it directly affects their business’ success. On the other hand, third-party companies are doing multiple jobs for multiple companies and are not vested in the results.  Also when you print in-house you can prioritize your production based on the best interest of your business, whereas you’re at the mercy of the third-party company’s best interests when you choose to use them. As far as cost goes, you can save on mailing and postage with barcoding, pre-sorting, and list hygiene. You can also produce and mail your labels on the same day. Whether you are doing a large or small campaign with your label maker, you can produce them using roughly the same per piece cost. On the other hand, third-party companies charge a higher per piece cost on smaller jobs, while charging markups and sometimes taking weeks to mail out jobs. If you’re looking to stop outsourcing and to start producing your own quantities in-house, look no further than the ArrowJet Mini! This table-top, entry-level labeling machine is the perfect machine to start producing your own labels. Boasting a print resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi at speeds of up to 30 feet per minute, this water-based pigmented inkjet machine is the perfect solution for your business. Check out more on our website and request samples or quotes today to find out how ArrowJet Mini is perfect for all your business’s digital printing needs.  

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