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What is Duraflex® Technology?

What is Memjet® Duraflex® Technology?

Digital printing is a rapidly changing environment, with new products and technology coming along every few years like clockwork. One of the latest development in the world of digital printing is the release of Memjet’s Duraflex® technology. The new technology from Memjet is the latest in high-speed water based pigment inkjet solutions. With print speeds up to 150′ per minute and 1600×1600 dpi resolution, all with aqueous pigment inkjet, it is sure to impress even the most veteran label printers!

Flexible Solutions for Labels and Packaging

The new Duraflex® technology is the perfect addition to any print shop looking to custom printed labels or flexible packaging to their business. The aqueous inkjet technology delivers offset printing quality with all of the benefits of digital aqueous pigment inks. It uses CMYK inkjet technology to digitally print sustainable packaging with food safe ink. Variable data printing can easily be integrated for barcodes, QR codes, sequential number printing, and more!
Digitally Printed Flexible Packaging
Water-based pigment inkjet printed mylar bags
Short or long print runs no longer make a difference! There are no plate charges, set up fees, wasted ink and material registering the print, or any of the other drawbacks commonly seen with other industrial printers. Digital inkjet printers are the future for both label printing as well as flexible packaging printing. The ability to instantly print, proof, and deliver products to the customer allows for a streamlined approach to printing.

The Latest in Inkjet Printing

While digital inkjet printing has been around for some time, the latest from Memjet technology addresses a lot of concerns with previous dye inks. Water based ink has long been used for digital printing, but it has typically been water based dye ink. Duraflex® is one of the first full color solution that uses aqueous pigment inkjet ink. The water-based pigment inks are compliant with Nestle testing standards for indirect food packaging with the proper functional barriers and migration limits for specific labeling and packaging applications. While there are other printing methods that utilize water based pigment with CMYK color, they do not give you the flexibility of Duraflex®. The 12.75” web width along with high resolution at fast speeds really sets this technology apart from the competition. All of that with a low cost for the hardware, and low consumable costs, this technology is a real winner!

What types of Duraflex® Systems are Available for Your Business?

When looking at new equipment, it is important to figure out what type of solution works best for you. There is a ton of new technology coming out every year, so figuring out what is going to help your business grow the most with the least possible investment. It is also crucial to understand what your customers are looking for. There are a variety of systems available using the Duraflex® technology, but they are not all created equal! Some of the digital presses are designed for printing labels and flexible packaging, while others have been made to print on bags and boxes and envelopes. Below are some of the available options in the market now:

ArrowJet Aqua 330R Lite

The ArrowJet Lite is the perfect solution for companies who are looking to introduce digital short run printing for labels and flexible packaging. It features inline lamination as well as speeds up to 21m/min. The ArrowJet Aqua Lite allows customers to dip their toes into the digital waters, or upgrade from bench-top inkjet printers without breaking the bank. It is very industrial and rugged and can be field upgraded into the ArrowJet Aqua 330R with ease.
ArrowJet Aqua 330R
High Speed Aqueous Inkjet Printer

ArrowJet Aqua 330R

The ”full version’ of the ArrowJet Aqua Lite allows customers to ramp up production and reduce their costs. With the full version of the ArrowJet Aqua 330R, you can print at speeds up to 46m/min with all of the same features of the Lite. You also have the ability to move from 2L ink tanks to bulk, 10L tanks with a reduction in price. This is a valuable addition for companies who are producing high coverage items like mylar bags and cannabis labels.

ArrowJet Aqua 330R Hybrid

The 330R Hybrid is the latest in water-based pigment printing. It features all of the options of the ArrowJet Aqua 330R with the addition of optional inline priming and varnish. These can be installed at the factory, or field upgraded after the machine is installed. This is the perfect solution for companies who are printing a lot of food packaging or paper labels since the varnish will protect the ink from ever touching the inside of the packaging. Varnish is also less expensive and generally easier to work with than lamination, and allows for different finishes to be managed by increasing or decreasing the coating weights. The inline priming station allows for uncoated papers to be run through the machine at speed, giving customers more flexibility for the paper labels.

Arrow OverJet

Digitally Printed Box
Digitally Printed Boxes
The Arrow OverJet is an over printer designed with flexibility in mind. It features the same great print quality of our web-based presses, but uses a conveyor for feeding boxes, bags, envelopes, and more! It also features head height adjustments that allows customers to print on pre-folded boxes rather than just flat sheets. It is a great solutions for companies who are looking to print promotional items, gift cards, shopping bags and more! Digitally print boxes with food safe inks on the same machine that you can print the local grocery stores paper bags! The fully adjustable sensor and print head height adjustment allow you to go from printing one object to another in a few seconds.   If you’re company is looking to upgrade your digital printing technology, contact the specialists at Arrow Systems, Inc. today. We are always happy to answer any question on the technology that you may have and help guide you in the right direction.

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