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Future of Digital Label Printing

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In the past, businesses had to rely on traditional printing techniques to create product labels. This process was often slow and cumbersome, resulting in longer turnaround times and high costs.

Today, businesses have the option to use digital label printing technology. This method uses a computer system to create labels, which can be customized to fit the needs of the business.

Digital printing is also much faster than traditional printing, which means companies can get their labels printed and delivered much more quickly. Additionally, digital printing is much more affordable than traditional printing. This means businesses can save money on the cost of producing labels.

Benefits of Digital Label Printing

  • Environmentally friendly- digital printing method is the most crucial method to create labels since it helps reduce the west developed during the printing process. It offers a simple process of printing the way you want with reduced West. Moreover, digital printing is ecologically friendly when compared to flexographic printing.
  • Small prints with high quality- digital printing helps create supreme quality levels. In that case you need to print levels with small friends with barcode QR codes and much more digital printing would be the ever-best solution. It is more effective to produce pharmaceutical levels as well as medical devices for highly technical products and applications.
  • Fast Turn Around Times- If your business is seeking personalized product labels then it can be easily achievable with digital label printing. Since digital level printing does not involve production of plates or exchanging them between runs you can easily change or update the custom file for every level printing and continue with the printing process. This overall helps get quick turn-around times while saving a huge amount as well as time.
  • Cost-effectiveness- A number of small printing business labelling services are facing tough times in terms of the cost for shorter and productions. In this scenario digital printing comes to the scene. Digital label printing needs very low printing requirements and hence it becomes super easy for small companies to manage short run label printing production. With this you can even print low-quantity orders.

Flexo vs Digital printing


Flexographic printing is a printing process that fishes names from flexible plates. It is nothing but another name for advanced letterpress which can be widely used for printing any type of substrate like metallic films, tag shock, paper, plastic, and cellophane.

It is most probably used for printing different types of food packaging as well while also being the best option for printing huge areas having solid color.

Pros of flexographic printing

  • The best option for shorter runs jobs
  • Very low waste during the setup process
  • Quick TAT
  • Shorter setup time

Cons of digital printing

  • In the presence of folds or cuts on the printed areas digital printing can leave breaks in the ink
  • Limited color palette
  • Colour cannot be absorbed in the material

If you have been in search of the best digital label printers that can help your business get uplifted then Arrow Systems Digital Label Printers would be the best choice. They have a wide array of digital labels and packaging printers that are totally high-speed inkjet printers with outstanding printing speed and resolution.

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