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Top Five Digital Label Printers of 2023

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Digital Labeling is the perfect balance of creative freedom and quality. The low cost of production ensures your company can adjust your label printing as your company develops. Below are a few of the top label printers on the market today that can help you achieve your goals. 

1. Anytron ANY-002 Laser Printer

Anytron Any-002 Label Printer

If you’re looking for an all-in-one machine, look no further. The Anytron ANY-002 Laser Printer has the ability to create high-quality promotional labels, GHS compliant drum and bottle labels, as well as the ability to print on highly delicate materials. This machine utilizes a 600 x 1200dpi high-resolution color laser engine and supports precision printing through a toner based system. It also boasts a plug-and-play design making it easy and efficient to operate with little to no training required.

Watch the Demo Video Here

2. QL-300 5 Color Toner Printer

QuickLabel QL-300 Digital Label Printer

The QL-300 is the world’s first 5-color toner-based tabletop label printer from QuickLabel. It has the ability to produce labels that are proven to last with water-fast, and UV resistant labels and is the first desktop label printer to boast the ability to print in CMYK+White in a single pass. Designed to be a user friendly tabletop printer making it easier than ever to achieve a commercially printed label even on a single label run and for a fraction of the cost.

Watch the Demo Video Here

3. Arrowjet Aqua 330R

Arrowjet Aqua 330R

The ArrowJet Aqua 330R is the latest in digital printing technology. This machine boasts the ability to print high resolution labels, flexible packaging, and more at speeds up to 150’/min! Your designs will look better than ever when printed in 1600 x 1600dpi. Complete with a built in edge and splicing station, setup has never been more efficient. Custom configuration will make sure that no matter what your company has in mind, this machine will be a perfect fit.

Watch the Demo Video Here

4. Colordyne 1800-C

Colordyne 1800-C Label Printer
Digital Label Printer from Colordyne Technologies

If you’re looking for absolute ease for primary and secondary labeling with integrated variable data and AIDC applications then this printer is the one for you. Eliminate pre-printed label inventory through this fast, high-quality, and completely scalable solutions for the utmost versatility and performance. Easy to set up and with the convenient touch screen display you can program your most frequently used function as well as monitoring printer status, ink level, and job status, to save you time. 

Watch the Demo Video Here

5. Trojan T2-C 

The Trojan T2-C is the fastest and most convenient way to print labels in-house that features not only the smallest footprint for a printer of it’s capacity, it also prints in incredible quality (1600x 1600dpi). With the ability to print thousands of labels per hour, either pre-cut label stock, or if you want to print continuously and die-cut after, this printer will allow you to utilize a pre-cut label sensor to print up to 4 labels across the media with little to no waste!

Watch the Demo Video Here

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