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Digital Label Finishing vs Analog Finishing

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In the ever-evolving world of printing, digital label finishing is one of the most essential yet sometimes overlooked elements of the process. Whereas analog label finishing involves using a premade die to cut out a specific shape, digital label finishing allows for faster and more efficient production of a wide range of designs.

When many people think of digital finishing equipment, the image that comes to mind is cutting plotter technology of years past. The latest laser cutters and blade finishers are much faster, with streamlined software that can be used to cut many different types of material with ease.

From cost savings to fewer errors, here are some of the key benefits of digital label finishing over analog.

Cost Savings

Digital label finishing is significantly less expensive than analog finishing. Since it does not require additional tools, rotary dies for each design, or skilled labor, you can save on costs when it comes to labor, materials, and equipment. Furthermore, digital label finishing is more efficient, which means you can get more labels produced in a shorter period of time, saving you even more money.

Fewer Errors

Digital label finishing allows you to produce more accurate labels with fewer errors. Since it’s done through a computer, you can easily check for errors before the labels are finished, preventing costly mistakes. Additionally, since it’s automated, there is less room for human error, ensuring that the labels you produce are of the highest quality. 

Faster Production

One of the biggest benefits of digital label finishing is its speed. By eliminating manual processes, you can get labels printed and finished much faster than with traditional methods. This makes it perfect for large-scale productions, as it allows you to save on time and get the labels you need quickly and efficiently. 

Greater Versatility

Digital label finishing also allows for greater versatility. You can easily customize labels according to your specific needs and preferences, giving you more control over the final product. With digital label finishing, you can add special effects, textures, and other elements that can make your labels stand out from the competition. 

There are 2 main types of digital finishing equipment on the market today; laser finishing and blade finishing. Laser cutting is always going to be the faster of the two options, but it is also more expensive than a traditional drag knife die cutter.

Laser finishing uses a focused laser beam to cut out any shape or design which can be imported into the software via Adobe Illustrator. These types of die cut machines can use high power lasers to cut through almost any material thickness.

Digital label finishing systems such as the ArrowCut Nova 250R pair nicely with a wide range of digital printers and can cut a wide range of materials and shapes with ease.

A more economical approach may be warranted, especially if you are just entering into the label market and don’t want to endure the added costs of dies and the hassles of a more manual die cutter.

Digital label finishing is quickly becoming the preferred method for producing labels, and for good reason. With its cost savings, fewer errors, faster production, and greater versatility, it’s easy to see why more businesses are making the switch.

Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, digital label finishing is an essential part of the printing process that can help you save time and money while producing high-quality labels. If you are looking for more information on how to transform your companies label production equipment contact our team today for a free consultation!

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