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Why a Digital Label Printer is Better Than an Analog Printer

Why a Digital Label Printer is Better Than an Analog Printer

Digital Label Printer

Digital label printers are becoming more popular by the day. In 2020 alone, digital prints account for over 3.5% of total printed labels. They also account for 17.6% of total print packaging.

Why are so many business owners making the switch to digital label printing machines? How are they better than analog printers? Keep reading to find the answers.

What are Analog and Digital Printers?

Analog printing involves creating a master image on an image carrier and producing copies of it using techniques like offset printing, screen printing, etc.

Digital printing occurs via transferring the original electronic image files to the printer. The electric design data is converted into an image with the use of pixels and dots.

Benefits of a Digital Label Printer

Here are the major reasons why organizations around the world are making the switch to digital printing solutions.

Ultimate Flexibility

Digital label printers have variable data capability. This means you can use software to change a digital printer’s output to personalize each printed label with unique data like names, addresses, and unique codes.

In modern industries, personalization is an essential perk that many companies offer to their customers. Digital printing paves an easy path for customizing each label to the specifications you want.


A digital label printing machine requires much fewer funds and hassle to set up and operate. Unlike an analog printer, you do not need chemicals, plates, and other extra equipment. No chemicals mean no disposable costs.

Digital printing paves the way for just-in-time production and faster response times to changing demand. You do not need to incur any unneeded storage costs for labels— just print them as they are required. This leads to less wastage.


Firstly, a digital label printer is much easier to operate than its analog counterpart. You can quickly convert any data to a digital form via optical character reading and scanning capabilities. Plus, transferring digital files is literally as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Digital printing equipment also takes up much less space than analog printers, decluttering your work space.

Digital printing is usually non-contact printing, so you can maintain the originality of the print and keep your hands clean.

Should I Switch to a Digital Label Printer?

The answer depends on your needs. Most small to medium-sized businesses require only a few hundred or less than 100 pieces per run. In cases like these, a digital label printer is your best friend, and you shouldn’t think twice about getting it.

However, larger runs that go up to the thousands will benefit from the economies of scale offered by offset printing.

Whether you’re looking for digital printing solutions or analog ones, check out the world-class printers offered by Arrow Systems, Inc. on their website. You are surely going to find one that suits your needs!