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Why Digital Label Printing Matters

Why Digital Label Printing Matters

T2-L Flexible Packaging Printer Labels, particularly those made with custom label printing, have come a long way in the last couple of decades. From the letterpress to flexography and now digital printing technology, label printing equipment has undergone significant improvements with time. Any product-based business wanting to strengthen its brand should look to move to custom labels. If you haven’t decided how to procure your custom labels, read this blog. Here, we will discuss various printing methods why digital label printers are the best choice for custom labels.

Low Cost and Quicker Turnaround

If you opt for a traditional flexographic setup for your custom labels, you need to spend on separate printing plates for each color in order to print custom labels. Also, using multiple printing plates for a customized design means more time required to set up the printing apparatus. On the other hand, when you center your custom labeling setup on digital press, you get around the cost of those plates and downtime associated with their removal and replacement.

Unmatched Quality

Many businesses move to custom labeling because they couldn’t get the required quality and resolution in labels made in bulk on flexographic label printing machines. If quality is the single most crucial objective behind your decision to move to custom labeling, you must consider a digital label printer. Digital printers from top-of-the-line manufacturers capture every little detail of the layout you want on the custom label. They can translate digital prints to labels for optimal resolution and color quality. You can easily tell apart a custom label created by a flexographic press and digital printer. The latter will have a crisp quality, clear graphics, and a life-like color palette.

Makes Design Testing Easy and Cost-Effective

If you are introducing custom labels, you need to test multiple designs before settling on the final version. You may operate in a competitive market with many similar products. In that case, you continuously need to review your label designs to ensure they make your product stand out and attract the target audience. Devising this regimen of continuous label testing with a traditional flexographic set up costs a lot and may eventually push you to roll it back altogether. Digital label printers, on the other hand, let you experiment with as many labels as you want without hurting your bottom line. Having a press that can print samples and test labels allows you to have a faster turnaround time than methods that aren’t printed digitally.

Enables Versatile Custom Labeling

Digital label printers enable you to achieve peak versatility in your custom labeling without expanding your existing printing setup. A single commercial-grade digital printer can print you hundreds of custom labels at once with every single label bearing a different set of information (barcodes, serial numbers, variable data, sequential or consecutive numbers, product titles, etc.). Achieving such custom labeling versatility with flexographic presses means a logistical and spending nightmare. If you don’t know where to find reliable digital printing equipment and material, consider getting in touch with the experts at Arrow System Inc. The company is one of the most reputable distributors of all top-quality apparatus and raw material for commercial labels and printing. You can also procure a top-quality laser finisher to cut out pre-printed sheets and labels from there.

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