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The Benefits of Short Run Label Printing

The Benefits of Short Run Label and Sticker Printing

Ever increasing demand for label printing has made short run label printing very flexible and convenient. Label manufacturers have many options at their perusal to print short run labels on demand. With the latest technology being used in the label printing industry, inhouse label printers makes the life of every manufacturer very cost effective. We will talk about the benefits of short run label printing in this blog. Although, let us dive a little deeper into what short run label printing means. Let’s say there is a manufacturing company producing canned products. They would print thousands of labels within an hour or in a day. But if you think about a technology product  such as a Television or a camera, label printing would be a lot lesser than what a canned product manufacturer would print every day. Every segment requires a certain type of printing requirement. If there is a segment which does not have rigorous print job management then inhouse label printers are the way to go. Let us now discuss the benefits that entails if you choose short run sticker printer.

On Demand Label Printing

We’ve been talking about on demand printing already. What it actually means is that the manufacturer can print quickly 200 stickers to meet the demand with the right supply. Print on demand labels using an in house label printer has many multiple benefits as well. The turnaround time is decreased, manufacturers need not invest a lot on employees, as the digital label press is easy to operate. When we say print on demand labels, we recommend our customers the best table top printer from Quicklabel’s portfolio. QL-300 5 Color printer is the newest and the latest printer introduced in the short run label printing segment. It is the world’s first table-top five color label printer. CMYK plus White gives the users an extra option to print white color on the labels. QL-300 gives the manufacturer advantage of high durability, compatibility and quality digital labels. The specifications include an amazing 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, print speeds up to 30’/min and compatible to print with tag stock, synthetic label or paper approved by Quicklabel. Printing labels in house for beer and wine labels, cannabis labels, food labels is made easier with QL-300.

Complete Flexibility for Print Jobs

Printers specifically designed for short run label printing offers complete flexibility to its users. Digital presses such as Trojan T2-C and T2-L are one of the most widely used printers for short run sticker printing. T2-L also supports the feature of flexible packaging. Trojan makes sure that both the machines print at a high quality resolution, 1600 x 1600 dpi. The unseen advantage that short run printers possess is that users need not have any specific minimum ordered quantity i.e MOQs. T2-C and T2-L definitely provide that advantage. Printing pre cut blank roll labels or using a print and cut finishing system is seen like never before with these two printers. Stickers for cosmetic labels, food labels are more often printed with ease in T2-C and T2-L. Both the machines come with the capacity of two-liter CMYK ink tanks or cartridges. Trojan’s printers are ideal for fast on demand applications for digital printing. Trojan makes the print job management simple and easy to operate. With its Trojan Control software, users enjoy the benefit of controlling the print process with their finger tips.

Reduce Costs and Lead Time for Your Labels and Stickers

Inkjet label printers for short runs tend to save time and money to the manufacturer. The machines are designed to quickly print the labels with complete efficiency and accuracy. One such company chooses to provide full efficiency and accuracy to its customers. Epson Colorworks has an in-house printer for short run label printing, Epson C6500. Epson C6500A, one of the branches of C6500, is an existing thermal transfer printer and is the first of its kind. Specifically designed to upgrade colors from black-and-white thermal transfer printers. Very cost effective, prints on blank inkjet roll labels upto 8” and easy to run labels as when needed with print speed of 5” per second and supports IO commands with ease. Epson C6500A features many remote management tools, saves on label cost and it is compatible with ZPL II interface language.

Reduce Waste & Time to Delivery

Reducing waste is a constraint that every company focuses a lot nowadays. Manufacturers rather prefer machines with enough efficiency at a good price than machines at low cost producing more waste. Customers choosing a short run label production on blank laser roll labels tends to produce a lot of waste after the printing process ends. To eliminate or rather reduce waste on printing jobs, Colordyne has come up with 1800 series C Digital label printer. This printer has the ability to print with full bleed on pre-cut media and carries 250 ML CMYK ink cartridges. It can print up to 60’/min. With a Memjet print head, 1800 C also supports on the fly color management with a 7inch touch screen display. It does more than saving on material and reducing waste. The 1800-C also supports i/o commands so it can be used inline with a laser finisher like the Anycut II! The print speed of 60’/min is directly related to the time of delivery. As the manufacturer can quickly print short runs and speed up the process delivery. The newest printers have made sure that their users can now bid farewell to the concept of MOQs. There are many other benefits that as a user you can think of once you get to use these printers. To read about more on custom labeling and the changing label industry with respect to MOQs please read our previous blog here. You can also check out different blogs on various aspects of label printing here.

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