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ClearTech Industries Installs EBRM+ Label Finisher

ClearTech Industries Adds to Finishing Their Label Department

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia – ClearTech industries, a long time customer of Arrow Systems, Inc., has added finishing capabilities to their label department in British Columbia. They have been utilizing an Any-002 label printer for almost 5 years to print their GHS and BS-5609 compliant labels.

The addition of the Lemorau EBRM+ allows this Canadian company the ability to die-cut their different size labels from the same raw label material. The ability to cut their own materials will help them to save money on their printed labels, and will give them more flexibility to change sizes as needed.

The EBRM+ is a semi-rotary finishing system from Lemorau out of Portugal. Arrow Systems, Inc. is the premier distributor for these systems in both the United States and Canada.

“We have been working with Arrow Systems, Inc. for going on 5 year now” said Karen Madill, the Label Systems Operator at the Port Coquitlam plant. “The Any-002 has helped save us a lot of time and money on our label requirements, while also giving us the flexibility to change our designs as needed to keep up with GHS regulations.”

The addition of the EBRM+ allows ClearTech to die-cut, or finish, their labels out of a raw roll of material. Previously they have been printing on pre-cut roll labels, which can get very expensive. Utilizing pre-cut label material also creates an inventory nightmare for companies.

“One of the main benefits of having your own label cutter is that it gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to ordering label materials”, says Shaan Patel of Arrow Systems, Inc. “When you are printing on pre-cut labels you have to keep inventory of each size that you are planning on printing. This becomes a logistical nightmare for a lot of companies, and a small label cutter like the EBRM can solve that in no time!”

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