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Customizability and MOQs for Labels and Packaging

Customizability and MOQs for Labels and Packaging

How digital printing can help to create more customized packaging with no MOQs

When it comes to labels and packaging, every supplier will have a specific minimum order quantity for what they want the customers to buy. The reason for having these minimum order quantities (MOQ) is because small quantities of labels or stand up pouches can be tough to manufacture without taking a loss. Custom labels are often prepared keeping in mind the minimum order quantity i.e MOQ. Many of our readers would know the meaning of what an MOQ is, but let us just lay out the meaning in layman terms.

MOQ stands for Minimum Ordered Quantities

A MOQ is the least number of quantities a supplier is going to sell in a single order. For example, a baker selling cupcakes may sell a minimum of three cupcakes in one order. Now, the MOQ for every order has to be three, which sounds appealing when it comes to cupcakes. But the real question a supplier should ask himself is whether he needs to put up an MOQ if he choses digital printing technique for custom flexible packaging.

Is MOQ really necessary?

A supplier choosing to print his labels on a digital printer may not need any particular MOQs to sell the particular item. The intention to set up a MOQ is very clear when it comes to bulk label printing. Any supplier would want to get guarantee of return on their entire manufacturing costs. You would think that printing short run labels does not incur too much cost, but it is the other way around. In traditional printing, shorter runs actually cost more than longer runs. If a supplier is using a flexographic printing press then that includes various costs: preparing plates, calibrating, setting up machines and removing waste. If a supplier is putting in so much of his time and efforts then why would not he want a return on investment. This has long been the problem with traditional printers; they cannot operate below a certain threshold of prints without losing money or charging absorbent rates. Whereas, if a particular supplier chooses digital printing over flexographic printing press the costs are way less. Not to forget printing short run labels becomes convenient and cheaper. Printing digital labels using no MOQs is a solution that many suppliers find interesting. The reason being the price per piece cost of printing a label digitally is the same, whether you print 1, or 1,000! This allows suppliers to print full color labels and packaging without having the need for an MOQ to break even. The latest digital printing presses that we offer at Arrow are just the best options to remove the need of a minimum amount of quantity or no MOQs. Here are some of the options that we sell to help manufacturers rid themselves of the MOQ problem.

ArrowJet Aqua 330R

ArrowJet Aqua 330R Water Based Pigment Inkjet   The ArrowJet Aqua 330R utilizes water based pigment inks to print digitally on label materials with full colors. It can support multiple materials, prints with highest resolution of 1600×1600 dpi, comes with proprietary RIP software and can print up to 150’ per minute. ArrowJet Aqua 330R comes with the latest print engine of Memjet’s DuraFlex technology. ArrowJet has the ability to print in smaller quantities and hence eliminates the need of supplier MOQs. This giant can print any product labels, candle labels, address labels, you name it and it will print according to the needs of its user. It can also print on mylar bag materials allowing customers to print short run flexible packaging. These custom mylar bags are the perfect oxygen absorbing bags which are considered to be child resistant.

Colordyne 1800 C Printer

1800 C is the most in demand printer that we carry in our arsenal. This is a go-to printer for every label printer customer. It comes with a 7 inch display screen for job management and supports 250ml ink tanks in CMYK colors. Colordyne 1800-C Roll Label Printer The 1800 C is one of the most versatile machines for digital printing. It has the ability to print as fast as 60 feet per minute, and can be set up in almost any setting. It features a table-top design and can be utilized with variable data software to create custom barcodes and QR codes. The 1800 C also allows enjoy printhead maintenance mid-job and does not break the web. This allows customers to print thousands of labels on the same roll without any issues. What’s more important is that 1800 C provides on-the-fly color management. Colordyne’s 1800 C is also supported by Memjet’s printhead technology. The technology assures the price per piece of a label is lesser than what flexographic printers offer. Not only we offer Colordyne 1800 C to our customers but also a variety of printers that we carry To check out more options that we offer on Colordyne printers please visit the page here.

Trojan’s T2-L

Trojan has come up with its T2-L printer which is an ideal option for short and medium run flexible packaging. T2-L offers the highest quality print resolution at 1600x1600dpi. T2-L also gives its users an advantage to print short run labels on demand as compared to any other laser or inkjet printers. Trojan, with its T2-L offers its customers a roll-to-roll inkjet printer with lamination. T2-L also comes with a 15.6” touchscreen which Trojan T2-L Digital Printer for Flexible Packaging is very user friendly. T2-L comes with four 2L tanks of CMYK and is supported by Memjet’s aqueous inkjet compatible print engine system. Trojan makes sure T2-L prints short run labels and supports flexible packaging and eventually provides suppliers near to zero MOQ level. With its print job management system you can simply merge designs and layouts with images, text and barcodes. Digital printing is changing the label printing environment in terms of where minimum ordered quantity stands. The suppliers are understanding the needs of saving cost and efforts by inculcating technology to short run label printing processes. Hence the need of digital printing is immense and the traditional printing is phased out. The price per piece cost of a label will improve the costs to the supplier and does not require any hassle of setting up  a MOQ. The return on investment is seen when the supplier makes the smart decision of buying a digital printer. The On demand label printing helps the supplier print as many custom labels as he want. To understand more of our digital printers that we offer at Arrow, please visit here.

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