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Top Questions about Custom Food Packaging

Top Questions about Custom Food Packaging

As stores adopt new policies on how customers shop within them, it is more important now than ever to create food packaging that allows customers to understand your product at a glance. Wearing masks while shopping makes customers want to get in and out of the store as quickly as possible. Having a custom packaging for your food product may be the difference between a customer choosing your product or the competitors. Here are some of the top questions in relation to creating a custom label or packaging for your food products:

What are the benefits of custom food packaging boxes?

Utilizing custom packaging and boxes allows you to convey to your customer what your product is all about. It is more important than ever to show potential customers in stores exactly what is in your product with just a glance the label or packaging. Use key nutrition facts as a way to get customers to choose your product over the competition by listing calories and nutrient values on the front (assuming you want customers to see this information!), or by showcasing how much dietary fiber your product has. Now more than ever, people are choosing foods that are healthier, and having that information stand out right away will help you stand above the competition!

What materials may be used to package food products?

While there are a number of different substrates that can be used to create food safe labels, it is important to understand the requirements for your packaging. Is the packaging coming in direct contact with the food? If so, it will be important to use a material, adhesive, and ink chemistry that is food safe. Pigment inks are generally the best option to create food safe labels. Digital printers such as the ArrowJet Aqua 330R can be utilized to digitally print direct contact safe food labels in full color. This printer uses the latest technology to print with pigment inks at speeds up to 150 feet per minute!

How to make my packaging food more attractive?

Embossing and Foiling Some of the best ways to make your product more attractive on the shelf are to use specialty materials like silver foils or holographic foils. These shiny labels will automatically draw the eye to your product among all of the competition. Other ways to draw attention to your product is to use bright colored labels to create a differentiating factor that will make your product stand out among the rest. Adding a foil or varnish to your product name will really give it the pop that customers are looking for when roaming through the stores. Varnish will add a raised effect to the desired parts of your labels, and adding a foil will give it the shiny look that conveys that your product is a step above the competition. These items typically denote that the product is a higher quality than the others around it with flat black and white labels.

Where can I get good custom food packaging products?

The best way to start utilizing custom food packaging is to bring a digital printer in-house to print your own packaging on demand! Having your own color printer will give you unlimited flexibility and allow you to do really unique things with your packaging. By bringing your food packaging printing in-house you can crate really cool initiatives like QR codes that can be scanned for nutritional values, or sequential numbers for limited time products. With a digital printer the possibilities of your food packaging are truly endless. If you or your company would like to start looking at digital printing equipment for your food packaging, contact Arrow Systems, Inc. today! They have some of the leading technology to print food safe labels in-house!

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