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How To Make Water Bottle Labels

How To Make Water Bottle Labels

It is extremely common to see someone on the street walking around with a water bottle in hand, and without a doubt every water bottle has a label. Many of these labels are the name brands that everyone in the United States and Canada are familiar with. Names like Dasani, Aquafina, Fiji, and more stand out, as do the distinct shapes of the bottle.

One thing that stands out is that every brand has the exact same design and label. While some may call this branding, others may see an opportunity.

Personalized water bottle labels may be a way to help reduce the amount of waste produced by generic water bottles by encouraging the reuse of the bottle. In 2014 Coco-Cola launched a similar campaign to increase the sales of their soft drink through a personalized call to action.

While custom water bottle labels have been used in the past for things like birthday parties or baby shower gifts, they have never been used in mass to help promote the reuse of disposable water bottles.

Water bottle manufacturers could easily print thousands of different skews of labels with different names on each. These personalized water bottles could then be sold in stores around the country where customers seeing their name printed on the bottle may purchase them.

How to Print Custom Water Bottle Labels

Personalized water bottle labels could easily be produced using digital printing technology. Laser printers can easily print waterproof rolls of label that can then be applied to the bottles on the same application line you are already using.

If you wanted to print inline with your label applicator you can use an inkjet printer to print high quality, water resistant labels on materials that are cut to size. This can be done by printing the whole label, or just adding the variable data of the name to a pre-printed label.

All of these are great options to add a custom designed label to your bottles. This personalized call to action will not only help to drive more sales, but will also promote the reuse of the water bottle since it will have the customers name on it.

What kind of label printer should we use?

This is a question that comes up a lot when talking about custom label printing. The short answer is: It depends.

There are a lot of items that go into determining what type of color label printer will be best to label your product.

One of the biggest concerns will be the volume of labels you need to print. Some label makers are better for low volumes of labels that need to be printed. Items like the Epson Colorworks C3500 will be sufficient if you are only printing a few hundred labels at a time, but may not be the best if you are trying to do a thousands of labels at a time.

 These types of laser printers can print on high gloss materials and fuse the toner in to the label. This ensures that the label does not run when it gets wet, and produces a smooth texture on the surface of the label material.

The downside of laser printers are the print speeds. Laser printers need time to fuse the toner with paper labels, which leads to a lower number of printed labels per hour. While these product labels will be beautiful full color labels, if you need more production an more industrial label printer may be in order.

If you have a need to print hundreds of thousands of water bottle labels per week something like the ArrowJet Aqua 330R may be the best option. This inkjet printer uses aqueous pigment inks to digitally print on a wide variety of label materials at speeds up to 150’/min.

Arrowjet Aqua 330R
Industrial Label Printer – ArrowJet Aqua 330R uses water based pigments to print labels at high speeds.


The pigment inks that the ArrowJet uses are food safe since they are formulated with naturally occurring pigments suspended in water. These inks will give you the beautiful color that you are looking for while giving you an environmentally safe product that you can feel good about.

What are the Benefits to Owning a Color Label Printer?

One of the biggest benefits for many brand owners is that a custom label maker will help you save time and money on your production. The ability to create labels at the click of a button gives you full control over your production.

You can print either pre die cut labels, or print them continuously and cut them out after using a label finisher. When you use a label finisher to cut out your own labels it gives you the ability to do things like add a laminate or varnish to the top of the label material.

You can use the same label printers to do other cools things like print your packing tape to give the boxes leaving your facility a custom branding.

The main thing owning your own label maker will do for your company is save you headaches. Having full control over your creative process is an invaluable tool, and being able to create a custom label campaign may help boost your companies sales.

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