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The Coffee Industry and Flexible Packaging

There’s More To Coffee Than You Think.

Did you know the coffee industry in the United States alone yields upward of $200 billion a year? Not counting that people globally are drinking over 500 Billion cups of coffee a year. Coffee is the most sought-after commodity after crude oil.  Putting this into perspective, the coffee shop industry is the fastest growing niche market boasting a 7% annual growth rate in the restaurant sector.   

So how do people package these coffee grounds or coffee beans? 

Flexible packaging has learned to thrive in the coffee industry. The packaging market alone grew almost 7% from 2013-2018 from both economic factors and demographics. The rising life expectancy for example is increasing the need for packaging in the health care sector.    Flexible packaging for coffee specifically has changed drastically over the years. We’ve come a long way from the traditional paper bag the world’s favorite beverage used to be stored in. New technologies have allowed these traditional paper bags to become the flexible packaging we are familiar with today. They allow customizable, versatile designs all while maintaining the coffee’s freshness and flavoring.    With new technology like the Arrow Systems ArrowJet Aqua 330R, flexible packaging has been made possible for your business. They utilize food-safe, aqueous pigmented inks that bring both durability and color to your packaging designs. As the world moves towards sustainability and health consciousness these pigmented inks and recyclable flexible packages are the newest innovation for your brand’s packaging needs. Find out more about Flexible Packaging and ArrowJet Aqua today on our website!

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