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How to Print White Labels

The Power of White Label Printing

When you look at any stickers or labels, sometimes don’t you wonder how beautifully these colors are applied to these labels. Color label printing has enhanced the attractiveness of custom printed labels. Before QuickLabel introduced the world’s first 5 color table top label printer, QL-300, it was almost impossible to print white ink on labels. CMYK White toner has created a new market altogether now. There seems to be a surge in demand for printers with the ability to print white text. QuickLabel’s QL 300 5 Color toner printer is meeting the demand with the right supply. Gone are the days when printing with black color was deemed attractive and appealing to the eyes.

Why is white printing so important?

Before we answer the ‘Why’, let’s start understanding first, can you print white ink on clear labels ? Printing white ink on clear labels is possible, provided you have the right label printer with you. However, finding the right white ink label printer can be tough. That’s why we assembled this guide to differentiate between entry level label printers and higher end solutions designed for more volume.

How to print white ink on clear labels?

If you’re using Adobe illustrator as a preferred file format, it is very easy to print in white. The operator needs to lay out the white ink on a different layer. This layer needs to be separated with a custom spot color. Finally the layer can be named as “white ink” or it is up to the operator to name it according to his needs. Eventually, the software will understand where the white ink clear labels are printed. Alternatively, custom stickers are printed using the file format supported by Photoshop or any image file such as jpg, png, among others. The distinction of how to print white ink on clear labels and how to print on black labels really depends on the preferred file format used by the designer and the further steps that are required to print on black labels. White toners not only work best with clear or white labels but also with metallic and dark substrates.

QuickLabel QL 300 5 Color Label Printer

QL 300 CMYK + W toner printer features many benefits for its users, at low cost of ownership it is deemed to be a wise investment decision. The consumables that the printer requires are very economical and it will allow you to print white on black labels or transparent labels. Replacing consumables or supplies has never been easy, QL 300 gives the user to easily change toners, printheads and perform maintenance as required. Label customers experience best label production with the 8” diameter label supply that supports a quick change of labels. QL 300 has the ability to disable the white toner, that being said, it can switch to CMYK from CMYK plus White. Printing labels at high quality and saving on ink for the user. A very cost effective printer. QuickLabel provides a keyboard which can manage data efficiently. Job management made easy with understanding the material supply, ink and print status. Lastly, QL 300 provides the best cutting edge system on pre cut rolls. It consists of an integral cutter which automatically cuts rolls of any sizes without any label waste. QL 300 is not just a printer which highlights the white color as the most important feature, but as we just went through some other important factors, a user can experience multiple benefits when they choose to go with QL 300 5 color toner printer. QL 300 is a starter system for white color printing. Let’s take a look at a printer which also supports white product labels when ordered in bulk.

Colordyne 3600 UV Retrofit

Colordyne came up with a printer which supports 5 color printing, CMYK White. It uses either Ultraviolet (UV) or UV LED ink supply. For a high quality on white paper Colordyne provides Memjet’s aqueous based dye. 3600 UV also possesses many advantages when it comes with the white color. The 3600 UV Retrofit can support a variety of media such as paper, coated papers, polypropylene, aluminum and Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) with a print speed of 246 ft/min. Colordyne provides a much better resolution in its 3600 UV with 600×600 dpi. 3600 UV is one of the higher end deals. It is a label converter which uses water based pigment with all the CMYK White colors. Used for a big volume printing, the white color enhancement increases the value of this Colordyne printer and makes it stand out against the rest of the printers. It is a digital hybrid printer which helps users lower their set up cost and also helps avoid small print runs when paired with a flexographic press. 3600 UV, with the white ink toners can help users enlarge barcodes, text and other databases for personalized usage. The water based pigment used in the printer can help a user for white lettering on its labels. A crucial feature that only a white color toner supporting printer can provide. Most of the users find it difficult to print on dark media with bright colors. The bright colors when used on black background does not hue right sometimes and diminishes the effect of the colors when applied. Now, that the printers like QL 300 and Colordyne 3600 UV supports white color, it becomes easy for producers to print out white color with clear labels or also opaque labels. Instead of using black labels with printing white colors on it.

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