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The Benefits of Digital Label Printers

The Benefits of Digital Label Printers

A manufacturer is into the business of brewing and selling beer, what’s the most attractive thing that he would want his consumers to find in a bottle of beer or six pack case of beer?

Taste, quality, quantity, lastly appeal. How does any beer manufacturer appeal to the eyes of its consumers ?

The stickers that the manufacturer puts up on the beer bottle or the case uses a certain kind of printer. In the olden days, it was difficult to put up with printing so many stickers at once.

But now, with the advancement of printing technology, it is fairly easy and also cost efficient to print out stickers. Yes, we’re talking about digital label printing. Label printing as an industry has advanced quite a bit over the years. We’ve seen numerous upgrades on many of the traditional label printers.

We’re also noticing a shift in the industry from the use of traditional printers to commercial digital label printers.

What is a Digital Label Printer made up of?

For a one stop solution, a digital label printer will come with matrix removal system, slitters, rewinders and a line camera.

Anytron’s ANYCUT III 13” digital laser finisher is a digital finishing system that slit and rewind  removing excess materials and also has the ability to die-cut and laminate the labels.

Let’s explore further some of the benefits that a digital label printer provides to a user.

Short Runs

Label production is made easy with ordering just the right amount of labels that a user requires. Popularly called as ‘short run labels’

Avoid ordering bulk orders just to save on cost, digital printing with the addition of digital label finishing equipment helps in short runs and maximizing print runs.

Variable Data Printing

A digital label printer has the ability to print a variety of label designs.

A digital label printing machine does not require a plate that needs to be reconfigured again and again when a change of label design is required.

Therefore, a user can enjoy digitally printed labels whose designs can be changed as and when required without the hassle of changing plates and worrying about the cost for the same.

Saving Money on Labels

Every user loves to save money on label printing. Label cost is one such factor that every manufacturer intends to lower as much as possible. With digital label printing machines that we, at Arrow, offer helps you print labels efficiently.

These machines have the innate ability to reduce cost by providing various functions and features to the users that fall within the price of the digital printers.

Digital printers help reduce the initial set up time for short runs when compared with traditional printers which use a flexographic method of printing. Hence, reducing the cost of the user.

So in simpler terms, how do you save money on label production? You buy a digital label printer.

Look out for all the color label printers that we have to offer here: www.arrsys.com/label-production-and-in-house-labeling

Digital Finishing

We’ve been talking about digital label printers for a long time. What’s more beneficial to users when we discuss the merits of digital label printing is the digital finishing involved in the printing process.

Take a look at Colordyne 2800 Mini Laser Pro (MLP). The latest printer offered by Colordyne has the capability to print and cut labels.

Basically Colordyne is offering a printer with digital printing and a label finishing machine combined together. This machine allows you to print and finish labels in-line with the click of a button.

Users enjoy a printing experience like never before with high quality printing, digitally die-cutting and inline laminating.

2800 MLP is supported with the latest Memjet technology print engine.

Digital finishing uses laser technology to digitally die cut labels and removes any excess waste materials. To learn more about the difference digital finishing and analog finishing, check out our previous blog here: www.arrsys.com/differences-between-laser-finishing-and-analog-finishing

Colordyne 2800 MLP printer uses a laser finishing solution from Anytron’s Anycut label finisher. With so many features bundled together in one machine, 2800 MLP becomes a one stop source for label printing.

High Quality

Customized Packaging

Let’s get back to our initial example of manufacturers printing out beer stickers. So, a manufacturer decides to customize the six pack beer case with the brand name accompanied with a decorative design.

How does he do it?

A digital label printer which features flexible packaging should help the manufacturer find an answer to his question.

One important advantage that label printer features now is customized packaging using the methods of flexible packaging. To learn more about flexible packaging, read our last blog here: www.arrsys.com/print-custom-mylar-bags

To find an apt solution to the manufacturer’s problem, take a closer look at the Arrowjet Aqua 330R.

With our latest in house printer, we offer our clients a printer which consists of everything that’s required to process printing.

Arrowjet Aqua 330R consists of a label maker, a digital laser finisher (inline and offline), features flexible packaging, print engine with Memjet’s DuraFlex technology.

Customized packaging needs to be paired with a low cost, Arrowjet Aqua 330R is by far the best printer in this segment as it tends to reduce waste, uses long lasting printheads and supports fast setup.

Digital Label printing is the present and the future. More and more research conducted to develop efficient and quick ways of printing labels with high quality, durability and at low costs, highlights the fact that users are becoming more tech savvy and want to create a deep-rooted impression in consumers eyes.

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