CBD Labels, Cannabis Labels, and the Green Rush

CBD Labels, Cannabis Labels, and the Green Rush

Desert Bloom Labels Being Applied

While the Green Rush is engulfing a number of localities throughout the US and Canada, more and more entrepreneurs are trying to get into this budding industry. One often overlooked aspect of the industry is the packaging that your cannabis or CBD is in and how it can affect a customers decision to choose your product over the competition.

Using color labels to entice customers to your products over the competition is one strategy, but there are other ways to make your product stand out on the shelf versus the competition. Here are some ideas to boost your cannabis product sales through the use of custom packaging.

Use Custom Labels for Each Strain

While this may seem like a no brainer, a lot of companies will actually order one bulk type of label and then place the strain information over top of it. While having a large order of the same labels printed may seem like the cheapest and easiest option, it is likely hurting your bottom line.

Utilizing a different label for each strain that you offer will automatically create a differentiation between your indicas, sativas, and hybrids. This will allow the customer to know at a glance what your strain is going to do. Using color coded labels based on the strain will allow you to use colors or key concepts in the label design to showcase what the strain is all about.

Utilize Specialty Label Materials

Using special materials for your marijuana labels or CBD labels will allow your brand to stand out from the other products on the shelf. This is especially important in states like Illinois where the customer cannot actually touch the product, so what they see on the shelf will likely dictate their choice.

By using a specialty material like a silver or holographic substrate, it will allow your product to pop on the shelf. These types of material are available for both laser and inkjet printing, and can be used to create a custom cannabis label that really pops.

Use QR Codes to Convey Information

Digitally printing QR codes onto your product labels allows for a host of possibilities. You can link these QR codes to your website so that when it is scanned the customer will be directed there automatically. You can also use QR codes to take the customer to the testing data for that particular strain.

You can also use the QR codes to convey nutrition facts about your edibles and show the serving size or amount of CBD contained per serving. This will depend highly on the state or province that you are in as some require this to be posted directly on the packaging, while others allow for the use of QR codes to convey the information.

Understand Your Cannabis or CBD Label Requirements

As we mentioned previously, each state or province will have their own requirements for CBD and cannabis labeling. It is important that you understand the particular requirements for where you are selling your product to ensure that you don’t get hit with any fines or penalties.

Everyone is rushing ahead to get their products on the shelves first, but it is vital that you ensure the proper label requirements are met for your local market.

Some local governments require tamper evident labels which show once a package has been opened. If this is necessary for your market you will likely need a cutting solution to pair with your label printer in order to accommodate this.

Arrow Systems, Inc. offers a wide variety of cutting equipment that can be paired with any color label printer to create these tamper evident labels in-house, and in fact many cannabis companies are already using this equipment to digitally cut tamper evident stickers for their products.

Make Sure Your Labels Don’t Run When They Get Wet

Some printing technology will use water based inks to print on to the label material. If cannabis or CBD oils run down the side, the inks can become blotchy without an overlaminate. If you are using a toner based printer, or a UV inkjet this will not be as much of a concern as the inks will actually fuse with the materials directly creating a bond with the material.

Overlaminate can be applied through utilizing digital finishing technology by sticking a clear or other substrate on top of the printed label as a protective layer. This protective layer can be used to add a specialty finish such as a matte or gloss to help you product stand out even more.

What Else Can You Do With a Color Label Printer?

While you may be reading this article and thinking of all the different ways that you could utilize a digital label printer to help grow your brand and you business, there are some other things that you are currently outsourcing or using ineffective methods of printing that you could run on a color label printer.

One other item that most companies outsource are their shipping labels. These can easily be printed on the color label printer at a fraction of the cost of what you are currently paying.

Another item would be your testing data. These are typically printed on small black and white thermal printers, but can easily be printed on a color printer for less. This is because the consumable costs for the resin ribbons and pre-cut labels will be much higher than if you were to use a more industrial label printer to print the same labels.

All in all, the number of things you can use a new color label printer for are nearly endless when it comes to cannabis companies. With a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and lower running costs, the ROI for bringing your label printing in-house will be a no brainer for your business to bring this new technology in.

We hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions you can always reach out to Arrow Systems, Inc. for more innovative ways to utilize this type of technology!