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The Best Digital Label Printers for 2024

With 2023 winding to a close, we felt it was time to update our top label printers list from this year to start looking ahead into 2024.

Our list of top digital printers and top digital finishers is always one of the more popular blog posts that we put out, so it felt only fitting that we update it with the latest technologies in the market.

2023 brought with it a lot of advancements in the digital printing space, and one thing is more clear than ever; the market shift towards digital water-based pigment inkjet is only just beginning.

This year, at LabelEXPO Brussels, water-based pigment inkjet solutions were all the rage! With multiple manufacturers debuting this style technology, and many others showcasing the latest developments with this technology.

Arrow Systems, Inc. was there to introduce the European market to our latest inkjet printers and finishing equipment, as well as introduce our distribution partner, Katun, to the market.

At the show, we had the first machine on our list on the floor!

5. The ArrowJet Aqua 330R Lite

Arrow 330r Lite

The ArrowJet Lite was showcased during LabelEXPO to a wide audience looking to upgrade from their desktop style inkjet printers. 

With the cost of dye based inks ever increasing, and the demand for greener alternatives growing, a lot of companies are looking for a low cost solution to begin printing with water-based technology.

The ArrowJet Lite is the perfect solution for these customers! With a low cost of entry and installs worldwide, the ArrowJet Lite is the proven technology using Memjet Duraflex pigment inkjet.

4. ArrowJet Aqua 330R

Arrow 330r Lite

While the ArrowJet Aqua 330R Lite had a lot of popularity during LabelEXPO, there are always customers who have more challenging applications, higher volumes, or the need for increased speeds.

The “full” model ArrowJet Aqua 330R solves all of these challenges for customers. With a max print speed up to 50m/min, and inline NIR drying for tough applications, the full model 330R is field upgradeable from the Lite model.

This allows customers to start with a lower investment cost and have the machine upgraded as their company grows without the need for moving equipment in and out of their facility.

The addition of inline NIR drying helps target the glycol in the inks, leaving just the pigment remaining on the substrate.

The upgrade to the full model also allows customers to reduce their ink prices by moving to 10L bulk inks, which reduces running costs by up to 40%!

3. The ArrowJet Aqua 330R Hybrid

While the ArrowJet Hybrid did not make an appearance in Brussels, it was on the floor last year in Chicago. This machine allows customers to print using the same technology as the previous model, but with the addition of inline varnish!

This system is ideal for printing flexible packaging, or applications where durability is a must.

With the ability to use inline NIR or UV curing based on the application, the customer has the ability to tailor the machine according to their specific needs.

2. The ArrowJet Aqua 330R Hybrid Pro


The Hybrid Pro is all of the above models and more! With the additional anilox roller for pre-printing treatment of materials, the Hybrid Pro is one of the first Memjet machines that allows you to prime your own materials inline with the digital inkjet technology.

The Hybrid Pro features the ability to prime, print, and varnish; all in one pass! This helps customers reduce their material costs by up to 300%! 

Using the Hybrid Pro allows for the same 1600 x 1600 dpi quality that Memjet users have come to love, but with the ability to use generic flexo materials instead of expensive inkjet coated stocks!

This opens up the technology for a lot of different markets where the traditional water-based coated materials are too costly to be profitable.

1. The ArrowJet M Series

ArrowJet M

The latest addition to the ArrowJet Portfolio is the M Series!

The M Series will allow customers to add additional modules to their existing equipment as they are developed. 

Some of the planned modules are inline semi-rotary finishing, inline slitting, inline digital white, cold-foiling, and more!

We are currently developing these options for new M Series customers, and will have them on display in Chicago next year at LabelEXPO!

For more information on the ArrowJet line contact our sales team today!