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Label Trends: Minimalist Design

Label Trends: Minimalist Designs

Many say that “less is more” and it seems as though the design industry has followed suit. In a world of endless information brands are realizing that consumers tend to prefer a more minimalist labeling style that allows the products true nature to shine. Simple design with a complete message is the goal for many products in the coming year. The idea behind minimalism is to remove the unnecessary while also delivering a clean look and still being able to tell the core idea of a product. From simple color schemes to being completely transparent, minimalist design can be interpreted in many different ways, but easily understood by all.

Nude palettes and bright gradients are two popular ways to display a simplistic idea of a product. Nude palettes aren’t just one color, but an attractive way of conveying a complex mixture of ochre, rose, or peach undertones with cream or chocolate hues. The coloring concept displays soft and playful color combinations with natural shades of sepia, nude, and pastel to somewhat ground the design and prevent it from becoming too extravagant. When combined with splashes of candy pastels and with flashes of white this simple combination makes any design pop while remaining clean and natural.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are bright gradients, which is the much flashier relative of nude palettes. Bright gradients are fascinating to designers because there’s virtually endless combinations of fresh and unique colors; all of which lend themselves to the minimalistic design style. There’s a reason companies like Microsoft and Apple began to apply this style of design as early as 2016. Gradients are going to be an essential part of design in 2019, allowing designs to bring depth and dimension to any product. Whether fading from a nice sky blue to white or highlighter yellow to neon green, there’s a way to incorporate this type of design into any product that compliments it.

Minimalist designs don’t all have to do with single color schemes or palettes, they can also be broken down into even simpler formats with just a title, a logo, and a short description of the product. Transparent labels are a massive new change to design and technology, as well. Being able to let your product shine as the core of the design is fantastic for food and liquor products. Essentially, it lets consumers know and visually assess what they’re buying.

One thing that goes hand in hand with these transparent labels is something called “smart-labels”. This greatly compliments the minimalist design perspective while also being able to inform the consumer about the full background story of a product. It’s also great to implement as a way to bring the customer full-circle back to the website so that they can see everything else produced by the company they’ve newly fallen in love with.

Whether looking for an entirely new outlook on a product or just a different perspective, hopefully this has given some insight into new labels for great new products to come in the future. All of these fantastic new label designs can be made in house with ease on your choice of an Any-002 in combination with a top quality die cutter such as the Anycut I  or Any-Blade.  More articles on several different topics such as new design trends, food industry, cannabis market, on-demand label printing and more can be found on https://arrsys.com/blog/.

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