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What are the Best Printers for Stickers and Labels?

What are the Best Printers for Stickers and Labels?

Stickers have the inane ability to catch the eyes of customers. The artwork that is printed on a sticker helps any brand grow value in the minds of its prospective customers. It instantly allows customers to see what is inside the packaging, and can help attract eyes to new products on the shelves. Below we will go into details about stickers and labels, as well as discuss some of the best models available for full color label printing.

Where does one see a sticker in everyday life?

One can find a sticker at home or at the office, a sticker on a water bottle, a sticker on any cosmetic items in a dresser, stickers on any of the kitchen items such as Nescafe jars, stickers used on office or school stationeries.

Stickers widely cover many industries including food packaging, cosmetics, consumables. Eventually, stickers make the product cost effective as the customer gets a clear idea of what he’s buying.

Stickers are simply the pipeline of explaining the product to everyone.  Everyone knows that the pipeline ends with a customer making a decision on whether to buy that particular sticker item or not. But how exactly does that pipeline begin?

Easy, you need a sticker printer!

Why do we need printers for color stickers?

Imagine a beer or a wine bottle without a sticker or a label on it, that beverage has no name of the company or the product, no details about the product, absolutely nothing. How does one sell beer without putting up a sticker on it?

What do we need to print stickers?

For the best printing quality, we need a digital label printer, materials or consumables that prints the stickers.

Materials and/or consumables include pre-cut roll labels or paper on which the designs or the graphics are printed, then we would need the ink cartridges, print heads.

Now that we have established a strong ground for printers needed to enhance the need to sell the product, let’s dig deeper in some of the best printers for sticker printing.

EPSON ColorWorks C7500

A color inkjet label printer from EPSON features high volume labels with durability and reliability and is also a budget printer. It’s the perfect solution for any consumer-type label as it prints precisely and is powered by the PrecisionCoreTM Inkjet Technology.

The printer also comes with a Nozzle verification technology (NVT) which helps prevent clogged nozzles. EPSON makes sure that the user need not spend a lot in terms of maintenance.

What makes EPSON stand out among other printers is the low cost and high efficiency. Not every printer gives a quick output of labels with one of the best quality stickers.

The printing speed stands at 60 feet per minute.

C7500 uses pigment based ink with CMYK cartridges and printing at a resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi.

EPSON makes sure that the high quality of print and reliable productivity helps reduce downtime as there is less user intervention.

To summarize the features of what makes EPSON’s C7500 develop a great label printer: high efficiency, reliability, durability and productivity.


Colordyne 1800-C

Colordyne’s 1800-C Digital Inkjet Printer is the latest technology introduced in the label printing industry. It provides superior print quality and offers a quick solution to eliminate the pre-printed label inventories.

The printer stands out with the best print resolution that any printer can offer, 1600 x 1600 dpi. The maximum print width can go up to as long as 8.5 mm.

1800-C comes with a rewinder and an unwinder and also a printhead which reduces the length of time and energy to clean the printhead station manually.

This benchtop label printer can hold rolls up to 10” in diameter. The rewinder and the unwinder helps these diameters move along smoothly.

The process can be monitored from the 7 inch touchscreen that shows the ink level, print job management and other printer functions required to run the labels.

Colordyne’s 1800-C is backed by Memjet’s VersaPass technology. Memjet has been a leader in the printing industry by pioneering the latest technology in labels, commercial printing, mails and packaging industries.

Memjet has used its research and development to develop the technology and the solutions for digital printing.

This printer dashes out stickers with a printing speed at 60 feet per minute, which makes it one of the quickest label printers in the market. Colordyne also throws in a 7-inch touch screen monitor with the 1800-C consisting of primary printer functions.

Understanding the print status and ink level status has never been easier.

Anytron ANY-002 Laser Printer

ANY-002 Digital Label Printer, a GHS certified printer from Anytron, is used for small batch printing with a speed of 30 feet per minute or 5000 labels in 2 hours.

This printer has the ability to support continuous roll label material as well as pre-die-cut label rolls with a resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi.

ANY-002 is a complete package inclusive of a guillotine cutter unit, variable fuser heat settings in addition to the gap sensors for pre-cut labels rolls.

ANY-002 eliminates the need for any professional technicians, is very productive and can be used for printing on pre-cut labels.

ANY-002  comes with Anytron software. The software makes it easy to eliminate analogue print job functions and decreases down time. The software also includes easy-to-use print job functions.

ArrowJet Aqua 330R Industrial Printer

Arrow Systems is introducing its stellar in-house label printing system, ArrowJet Aqua 300R. The ArrowJet Aqua 330R is a step solution to everyone’s problems. The printer comes with all the features that a customer can look for in a digital label printer.

This industrial label printer is a giant in its own, built with the features to support printing resolution as high as 1600 x 1600 dpi and paired with an outstanding print speed of 90′ per minutes.

ArrowJet Aqua is available with both offline and inline finishing options. Arrow introduces its proprietary RIP software which enables easier color management and print job management features.

These printers are the best ones that are offered to customers for digital label printing. These are also printers for flexible packaging using the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) aqueous pigment inks.

Most of the inkjet printers use either a dye based inks or pigment inks. Dye based inks generally consist of colorants which are dissolved in water and are not water resistant, a single drop of water can destroy the print.

Pigment inks are fine colorants dissolved in liquid, used for industrial label printers to give the user the best quality of prints.

ArrowJet Aqua 330R uses the pigment inks which are water resistant, last longer, UV resistant and adhere to fast surfaces.

Keep an eye out on a future blog explaining all the types of inks.

Users will now have the option of readily changing their packaging. Flexible packaging is widely used in the food and beverage industry, materials such as foil, sheets of paper, plastics and films are the most common ones used for flexible packaging.

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