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The #1 Reason Why Sign And Copy Shops Should Get Into Label Printing

Why Sign Shops and Copy Shops Should Bring in Digital Label Printers

The  #1 reason why your sign or copy shop should get into label printing is that an in-house label printing system will mean a significant increase in your bottom line profit margins!

Sign and copy shops depend on quick customer turn-overs and usually offer same-day customer service. Many of those same customers however, need label printing services as well, and often at the same time. If you are not already providing in-house label printing services, this creates an inconvenient problem for your customers. First, they will be forced to leave your shop and find a separate label printing company.Arrow Eco 300 Label Cutter

This aggravates your potential customers’ problem when they discover they must endure a much longer fulfillment process when it comes to getting their labels printed from a separate label company. They may drop what it was they originally came into your shop for in the first place, never to return. Meanwhile, it usually it takes days from the time customers send their label templates to a label printing company to the time they are ready for pickup or delivery.

No Minimum Order Quantities

Then there’s an additional hurtle with label companies: minimum orders! Label printing companies require a minimum order of labels which is often much more then what your potential customer actually needs at the time. With this needless pressure, customers must also take time to calculate how much more labels they will need of the same type in the future. There’s always the risk of getting way more of the same label then they need with their minimum order. Many shops that offer sign printing services, offer copy services as well. Whether your business is already a combination of the two, or is focused on one or the other, the great majority of your customers no doubt, will require label printing services as well. By adding an additional in-house label printing service, your business will draw more customers by offering the attractive convenience of a, “One Stop Sign, Copy & Label Printing Service”.

High Quality Comparatively Low Cost In-House Label Printers Offer A Quick ROI

You may have considered this option before, but the capital expense of adding an in-house label printer might have appeared cost-prohibitive at first.  Little do sign and, or copy shops realize however, is that a typical ROI (return on investment) for a new in-house label printer demonstrates that these amazing machines pay for themselves in as little as 3 months!

The Flexibility Of In-house Label Printers ADDS To Your ROI

Not only will your customers love the convenience your new in-house label printer, they will appreciate the agile flexibility that an in-house label printer can offer them. They will no longer have to gamble on ordering the over-sized minimum requirement that label companies insist on. Your new in-house label printer can produce the exact amount of labels your customers need at greatly reduced costs to them, with no additional expensive to you as well. With your new in-house label printer, you will be able to print 5 labels or 50,000 and your customers will only pay for the labels they order and they will never have to worry about being “forced” to order more than they need. Just as attractive to customers is your new in-house printer’s dynamic flexibility to print several different labels for one order as well as the impressive ability to make last minute changes in design with no additional cost to them OR expenses for you. Additionally, many customers are often changing orders. With larger label companies, these sudden changes create a hassle these companies translate into added service charges to make these changes. With your new in-house label printer you will be able to provide the lightning-fast changes many customers demand without a hitch. As a result, your new flexibility will offer greater savings to them. When your customers enjoy significant, consistent savings with your operation, they become loyal. Customer loyalty is an invaluable achievement, increasing customer transactions with you exponentially. Now your only “problem” will be which high speed, high quality printer you’ll need to choose from! Check out some of the best options on the market at Arrow Systems, Inc!

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