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Sticker Printer, Label Printer, Desktop Printer; Which one is right for your business?

Looking for a Label Printer? Read this first!

When searching for label printing and label cutting equipment, it can be difficult to determine what is right for your needs. Luckily, we have experts who are always happy to help! We’ve put together a short guide to help you figure out what kind of label printer or label cutter you need. Some of the questions that you should be asking yourself are:

What the purpose of this new label printing equipment?

Depending on whether you are looking to print out promotional stickers, packaging labels, barcode labels, UPC codes, or shipping labels will determine what type of system you should be looking at. Some printers will be better suited for generic barcode and UPC labels. Other printers may be better suited for promotional stickers. The first step in figuring out what kind of sticker printer you need to to understand the need(s) that it will fulfil.

How many stickers per week/month/year will I need to produce?

It goes without saying that the more labels you need to produce, the more expensive the equipment will likely be. If you are looking to produce 500 stickers per month, the equipment will likely be a desk top system and will likely be a few hundred dollars. If you are looking to produce hundreds of thousands, or millions of labels per month than you will need something much larger. This type of equipment can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the technology of the printer and the volume of labels required.

How intricate is the artwork on my labels?

Depending on the artwork and colors of your labels, one printing technology may work better than another. For instance, if you require a white underlay on a clear material, some printers will not be able to handle this. If you have a bright and colorful label with detailed artwork, you may want to opt for a printer with a higher resolution.

What is the shape of my label?

If your sticker or label is in the shape of a rectangle or circle, it may make sense to use labels that are already cut out. These can come as either sticker sheets or rolls of labels. However, if your label has a more complex design it may  make sense to invest in a label cutter. Label finishers can be used to cut out shapes from a continuous roll of material. This allows the customer to cut out more intricate label shapes than could be printed with pre-cut labels. Additionally, cutting out your own labels tends to save money on materials since you are doing the work of cutting out the shapes yourself. While this adds a step to your label printing process, it also gives you complete control over your production and saves money on your material costs.

Do I have any label durability requirements?

Depending on the required durability of your label, certain print techniques will be better than others. If you need extended outdoor durability, a thermal transfer printer with a resin ribbon may be the best option. If you need to meet GHS or BS-5609 requirements for your chemical drum labels, a digital toner printer will likely work for your needs. If your are printing promotional items that will be displayed on store shelfs, a high speed water based printer should do the trick and provide excellent resolution. You can also add a laminate to any label add extra protection!

What is my budget for this project?

As with any capital expenditure for your business, it is important to know what you want to spend on this project, as well as create an ROI to see whether a new label printer is worth the investment. Go in to the project with a clear understanding of what problems a label printer will solve for your business, as well as a clear understanding of what it is worth to your business to solve those problems.

Am I working with someone I can trust?

When making any large expenditure for your business it is important to work with people that you can trust. We here at Arrow Systems, Inc pride ourselves on the exceptional attention to detail and customer service that we give to each and every one of our customers. We have knowledgeable experts on staff who can help with every aspect of your label printing project. Whether you are just starting off printing your own labels, or you are a label converter printing millions of labels per week and are looking for some new ways to do things, our experts would love to assist with your project! Contact us at any time to inquire about working with us on your next label printing project!  

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