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Eco-Friendly Water Soluble Labels

Water Soluble Labels

Environmentally friendly water-soluble labels are an up-and-coming commodity in the label world. Their versatile composition allows for these labels to be used in a multitude of unique applications. Contrary to popular label material, these labels are commonly a paper material combined with a water-soluble adhesive. Both the adhesive and paper face stock dissolve when exposed to moisture over a given amount of time, thus they are sometimes referred to as “wash off labels.” The FSC certified water-soluble paper rolls offer benefits to multiple industries when used properly. With an increased emphasis on sustainable packaging, and many companies looking for eco friendly labeling options, the scope and reach of water-soluble paper rolls is on the rise, especially in these given industries.

Medical Labels and Protection of Privacy

In the medical industry, water soluble labels have found their niche. Companies are beginning to use these labels for all sorts of unique applications in the workplace. The ability to label a patient’s medication and belongings with these eco friendly labels allows for a safe and quick turn around time. Instead of having to peel labels off every time a new patient visits a room at the hospital, medical personnel can now just simply wipe away the previous patient’s info. They are beneficial to both the medical personnel using them and the patients visiting the hospital. The patient’s info naturally dissolves when in contact with moisture, thus there is no need to worry about personal information making its way to the garbage and ending up in the wrong hands. The labeling of medical equipment is another area where dissolvable labels have gained popularity. When staying in the hospital, equipment meant for specific patients is sanitized and reused for the next patient. It is important to keep this equipment with one patient at a time due to the need to reduce the spread of disease and infection in hospitals. Water-soluble labels allow for medical personnel to track which equipment belongs to which patient while eliminating the hassle of removing conventional labeling material.

Construction and Building Material Labels

The construction and building industry are another place where water-soluble labels have gained popularity. Building materials, such as windows, are typically ordered in bulk orders and are independently labeled. These windows typically have labels on them depicting proper installation instructions and UV blocking ability. The negative side to these labels is the adhesive left behind on these freshly installed windows. When using an ecofriendly water-soluble labeling alternative, the hassle of having to scrape the windows with a knife or blade virtually dissolves, no pun intended.

Restaurant Labels and Other Food Labels

Restaurants are always labeling and marking their inventory, so that products do not go bad. Utilizing water soluble labels allows for restaurants to follow safety protocol by labeling their specific food products, most commonly, with “use by” dates. Cooks no longer must waste time removing one label to replace another. Instead, they can just simply run the labeled container through a dishwasher to remove both the label and adhesive. Water soluble labels cut back on the waste when consumers go to recycle these jars. But it does not stop at jars, eco-friendly labels for bottles can be used when a product has an expiration date is within a few weeks of purchase. Jams, honey, peanut butter can all achieve the same advertising they were previously, but now with an option that is beneficial for both the consumer and the recycling process.

Barcode Labels on Consumer Goods

Any business that uses barcodes to scan items and record inventory are another place where these friendly label materials have proven to be beneficial. Everyone has run into a label in their life, whether it be on their favorite mug or picture frame, that has given them a hard time. Trying to pull off a non-water-soluble label can be a hassle. It normally requires some sort of adhesive stripper to remove both the face stock and adhesive off the product. Water soluble labels eliminates this inevitable dilemma and leaves no residue after washing. With some warm water and a cloth, these labels can easily be removed. Water-soluble labels serve a purpose in virtually and industry. Due to the dissolvability of these labels, they are a green alternative for any business. Eco-friendly labels for jars can be printed on in full color and applied to products.

Application of Water Soluble Labels

When applying water-soluble labels, it is important to keep a few things in mind. The pressure sensitive adhesive should be applied in an environment that is ideal for the application, somewhere temperature controlled with little contact to moisture. The ideal temperature for the application of these labels is in an environment that is between 64-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The shelf life of water- soluble eco-friendly label material is typically between 5-12 months. Talk to your label supplier or Arrow Systems about more information on this new environmentally sustainable labeling solution!

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