Cannabis Label Printing

Bring your label printing in-house with our wide variety of digital printing and finishing equipment. With the ability to print and cut any size or shape label for your cannabis packaging, you can avoid long lead times and high minimum order quantities. Fully automate your companies workflow and allow your brand to grow!

Arrow Systems, Inc. distributes advanced printing technology and materials worldwide. Based in the U.S. and Canada, we represent over 40 years of individualized customer service and unmatched quality of equipment. Streamlining every process, providing the tools to create bold custom cannabis dispensary packaging and labeling, we work with small outlets as well as large dispensaries and brand owners.

We offer a wide range of material and application support. Whether you are trying to help your brand pop on the shelf, or looking for a new way to do your labelling, we are here to help! Our range of solutions will help you streamline your workflow and increase your profit margins.

Custom Strain Labels

Utilize the power of digital printing to allow your brand to create awareness for each of your strains! Digital printing allows you to have full control over your creative process by changing your labels on the fly. Whether you want to test out a new product before launching it, or want to revitalize and old product with a new label, it is easily achieved with digital printing!

Custom strain stickers are just one exciting way you can help your brand stand out. Using a wide range of materials such as holographic and foils, we can help you create a lasting brand image with your customers.

Short Run Labels

With your own inhouse digital label printer you can create beautiful custom labels in any quantity you require. No more having to buy 1000’s of labels that will go to waste! Print only what you need and save the waste!

Lead times and delays to product packaging are completely avoidable with digital label printing. Print what you need in real time so there is no disruption to your supply chain! No minimum order quantity (MOQ) necessary for your cannabis products when you are printing your own labels!

Keep up with Cannabis Label Regulations

In the ever changing world of cannabis regulations, it is important to stay ahead of the curve. Be ready when your state changes their labelling guidelines with digital technology. No more wasted labels when you can produce labels as you need them.

Seed to Sale Tracking

Using a digital label press to print your custom cannabis labels has other benefits as well. Easily integrate seed to sale software by utilizing variable data with a desktop label printer. Perfect for the cannabis industry to make sure that everything stays within regulations.

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