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4 Reasons You Need a Color Sticker Printer for Your Business

4 Reasons You Need a Color Sticker Printer for Your Business

We see them in the stores all the time; A nice clean label on every product on every shelf. The clean separation of every section. Vibrant colors and exquisite details. Not only does the clarity make everything look a lot prettier – but your brain is almost attracted to the full color labels that you see on every shelf.

Having a “Prime Label” on your product can be the difference between someone buying your brand or the competitions brand. That is why it is extremely important that you have the right printing equipment to print fully customizable labels.

These useful tools can be found at almost every price point, and here are four reasons why you need one.

1.    Lower Lead Times

How many times has your product shipment been delayed due to your label printer being backed up? If this is a frequently occurring problem it is likely hurting your business and lowering your bottom line.

Having your own digital label printer will allow you to turn products around in an instant by having complete control over your label supply. Being able to print labels in-house will give you full control over your inventory management, and will expedite your ability to ship products to your customers.

2.    Compact Equipment Available

A lot of companies complain that they don’t have the space to put a digital label printing machine. What they don’t know is that digital printing technology comes in all shapes and sizes, and some equipment can easily fit on any desktop in you office.

Printers like the Epson Colorworks series can fit in just about any office, and will allow you to digital print full color labels on demand.

If you need more production than these small printers can offer, other equipment like the Any-002 from Anytron or the Colordyne 1800-C will give you the ability to print labels up to 8.5” wide in full color with ease. The best part? Both of these systems can fit on a 6′ x 4′ table and be operated through the network!

3.    Complete Control Over Your Creative Process

One of the most overlooked aspects of having your own label printer is that you have unlimited label designs at your finger tips. Printing custom stickers for your products is extremely easy and allows you to have full creative control over your products labels.

What’s even more impressive? You can easily print variable data and consecutive numbers for your products. Even cooler; companies like NeuroTags have QR codes that can be scanned to enter your customers into a randomized prize pool for items like discounted products or free merch. These types of programs help drive brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, but they can only be done using a digital printer.

4.    Filing is a Piece of Cake

A label maker can also be a useful addition to your workspace. How many times have you seen a colleague who has always struggled when they’ve had to clean their desk? Or maybe that person is you? If you’re that person – a label maker could solve all of your problems. You can use the tool to make a filing at the workspace a lot easier, and your desk will look a lot neater! Plus you can use the printer to print cool stickers for your stuff!

If you’re considering getting yourself a label maker for your workspace or your home, visit Arrow Systems Inc to check out the best deals on label makers.

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