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Here’s Why You Need to Print Your Own Product Labels

Printed Labels on a Wall   Every business owner uses these two metrics to decide the success and future of their business. These numbers matter a lot more when you’re running a small business with giant aspirations. One vital component of running a business is branding. Your brand helps the customer relate with what you stand for, hence, your labels and logos can make or break or your business. As important as they are – there are several ways you can cut some of the biggest costs of your business with a digital label printer. By printing labels yourself, you can save a few cents on every parcel or package that your customer buys. You also will have full control over your creative process by printing your labels in-house. A useful tool like a color label printer can make your whole workspace more efficient in a day. So if you’re still not sure whether you should be printing labels yourself – we’ll give you three reasons why.

1.    Label Printers Save Time and Money!

You’ve just entered your workplace after being stuck in a traffic jam for 20 minutes – and your boss asks you to go back out to your local print shop for labels. As annoying as this situation maybe – it also takes up a lot of your time and makes you inefficient. The time you spend standing in a line at the local printer can be easily spent doing something a lot more productive. When you print labels yourself you easily schedule a drop off at the nearest post office without wasting a lot of time. Additionally, if your business sees extra transactions during the holiday season – labels printers can feel like a blessing! Gifts and cards flow through the post office at blistering speeds during the holidays.

2.    Digital Printing Adds Customizability

The ability to customize your labels based on your products is one that many people overlook. One of the great things about digital label printing is that you can completely customize the designs for each product that you are selling. Having the ability to give each type of product a different label design helps customers identify which product they like the most. Another way that digital printing technology can help out business through customizability is through the use of variable data. Variable data printing is a form of digital printing, including on-demand printing, in which elements such as text, graphics and images may be changed from one printed piece to the next. This allows you full customizability over your labels by giving you the ability to make each one unique. Coca-Cola ran a marketing campaign recently where they printed different names on each bottle and wanted to to share a Coke with a friend by that name. Snickers also ran a similar campaign where they put a different name on each wrapper. Your product is no different when you are printing custom labels with a digital label printer!

3.    They’re Ideal if You Have a Small Business

Small businesses don’t often have to rely on other vendors as much as bigger businesses. But even though their business partnerships can be manageable, organizing your workspace can still be a problem. Since inexperience is a common problem small businesses often have problems putting things in line in the first few years of operations. This lack of efficiency costs them money and a lot of their brain cells. Having a label printer in your startup years can help you streamline your operations and adapt your packaging to your brand. When you start to clean up your space you think of creative ideas which can add value to your workspace and your business in general. If you’re thinking of getting a label maker – Arrow Systems Inc has several affordable deals on label makers – check them out today and start benefiting from the efficiency!

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