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The CBD Boom – Color Label Printing Mistakes to Avoid

In recent years, the CBD industry has exploded, offering a plethora of products claiming various health benefits. With this boom comes the crucial task of label printing. Let’s delve into the common mistakes to avoid in this aspect to ensure your CBD business thrives.

Overstocking Labels

Printing too many labels upfront can lead to wasted resources. Given the evolving regulations in the CBD industry, excessive printing may result in outdated labels, necessitating costly reprints. Instead, opt for real-time printing with in-house machinery for better cost control.

The Font Issue

Legibility is paramount in label design, especially for CBD products. Regulatory bodies mandate clear display of essential information like product name, nutritional facts, and warnings. Utilize readable fonts to ensure customers can easily decipher crucial details.

Regulatory Compliance

Staying abreast of changing regulations is crucial for CBD businesses. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines or product recalls. Having an in-house printing setup allows for swift adjustments to meet evolving regulatory requirements.

Design Clutter

Simplicity is key when designing CBD labels. Avoid overcrowding with excessive graphics or text, which can overwhelm consumers. Opt for clean, concise designs that highlight essential information effectively.

Inadequate Label Testing

Thorough testing ensures label durability and adherence. Neglecting this step may lead to labels peeling off or fading prematurely, compromising product presentation and regulatory compliance.

Color Inconsistencies

Maintaining color accuracy is crucial for brand consistency. Inconsistent colors across labels can undermine brand credibility and recognition. Invest in high-quality printing equipment and standardized color management processes.

Lack of Brand Consistency

Consistency in branding fosters consumer trust and loyalty. Ensure uniformity in design elements, colors, and messaging across all CBD product labels to reinforce brand identity.

Ignoring Environmental Considerations

Eco-conscious consumers demand sustainable packaging solutions. Neglecting environmental impact can alienate this growing market segment. Opt for recyclable materials and eco-friendly printing practices.

Underestimating Label Material Quality

Quality label materials are essential for product durability and aesthetics. Opting for subpar materials may result in labels that fade, tear, or peel easily, detracting from product appeal and longevity.

Poor Quality Control Practices

Implement stringent quality control measures throughout the printing process. Thorough inspections help catch errors or defects early on, preventing costly reprints and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Introducing ArrowJet 330R Lite

Integrating advanced label printing technology into your CBD business can streamline operations and enhance productivity. Meet the ArrowJet 330R Lite – a cutting-edge printing solution designed to meet the demands of the modern CBD industry.

Arrow 330r Lite

Features of ArrowJet 330R Lite

The ArrowJet 330R Lite boasts a range of features tailored to optimize label printing for CBD products:

Single Printhead: Ensures stunning color reproduction and accuracy, resulting in vibrant and visually striking labels.

High Resolution: Options for 1600x1600dpi or 1600x954dpi resolution for detailed and crisp label production.

Speed: Production speed of up to 150 feet per minute for unmatched efficiency.

Media Size: Accommodates media up to 15 inches in width, offering flexibility for various label and packaging requirements.

Versatile Substrate Thickness: Supports substrate thickness ranging from 2 mils to 13.75 mils, accommodating diverse label materials.

Ink Options: Choose between 2L or 10L ink tanks for flexible printing solutions tailored to production volume and budgetary requirements.

Compact Design: Fits seamlessly into any workspace, maximizing floor space utilization.

Power and Connectivity: Requires a 3-phase 22V, 30A power supply, ensuring compatibility with standard power outlets and connectivity options.

Benefits of ArrowJet 330R Lite

By incorporating the ArrowJet 330R Lite into your CBD business, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency: High-speed production and versatile substrate support enable faster turnaround times and increased productivity.

Exceptional Quality: High-resolution printing ensures crisp, detailed labels that capture every intricate detail.

Cost Savings: Flexible ink options and efficient design help reduce operational costs and waste.

Streamlined Workflow: Compact design and seamless integration optimize workspace utilization and workflow efficiency.

Reliability and Consistency: Optimal operating conditions and stringent quality control ensure consistent, reliable performance.

Operating Conditions for ArrowJet 330R Lite

To maximize the performance and longevity of the ArrowJet 330R Lite, ensure the following operating conditions:

Temperature: 68-86°F (20-30°C)

Humidity: 30-50%

Power and Connectivity for ArrowJet 330R Lite

The ArrowJet 330R Lite requires a 3-phase 22V, 30A power supply, supporting 50/60 Hz, and 6 bar for optimal functionality. This ensures seamless integration with standard power outlets and connectivity options, facilitating hassle-free operation.


Incorporating advanced label printing technology like the ArrowJet 330R Lite can revolutionize label production for your CBD business, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and superior quality.


1) Can the ArrowJet 330R Lite accommodate various label materials?

Yes, the ArrowJet 330R Lite supports a wide range of label materials, including paper, film, and synthetics.

2) What ink options are available for the ArrowJet 330R Lite?

The ArrowJet 330R Lite offers a choice between 2L or 10L ink tanks to suit different production volumes and budgetary requirements.

3) Is the ArrowJet 330R Lite suitable for small-scale CBD businesses?

Yes, the compact design and versatile features of the ArrowJet 330R Lite make it ideal for businesses of all sizes.

4) How does the ArrowJet 330R Lite ensure label quality and accuracy?

With high-resolution printing and advanced color management, the ArrowJet 330R Lite delivers exceptional label quality and accuracy.

5) Can the ArrowJet 330R Lite operate in environmentally controlled conditions?

Yes, the ArrowJet 330R Lite is designed to operate optimally within specific temperature and humidity ranges, ensuring consistent performance.

6) Can I use any font for CBD labels?

No, regulatory bodies require legible fonts displaying essential product information clearly.

7) How often do CBD labeling regulations change?

CBD regulations can evolve frequently, necessitating regular updates to label designs.

8) Why is brand consistency important for CBD labels?

Brand consistency fosters consumer trust and reinforces brand identity, crucial for long-term success.

9) What environmental considerations should I keep in mind for CBD label printing?

Opt for eco-friendly materials and printing practices to meet the demands of environmentally conscious consumers.

10) How can I ensure label quality control in my CBD business?

Implement thorough quality control measures throughout the printing process to catch errors and defects early on.