The CBD Boom - Color Label Printing Mistakes to Avoid

The CBD Boom – Color Label Printing Mistakes to Avoid

CBD Labels


CBD or cannabidiol market has sprouted and grown exponentially. From being a controversial cannabis product, it has now been deemed a beneficial non-psychoactive compound with various properties that benefit many.

With the Farm Bill 2018 being passed, the CBD industry has been witness to an influx of CBD products lining the shelves in health food stores, cannabis dispensaries, and online stores. This means that more manufacturers are joining the bandwagon and will continue to do so in the coming years as BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research projected a bump in CBD sales that will reach $20 billion in 2024.

Many new entrepreneurs will be venturing into the market with their own CBD business. This means that they will be responsible for each aspect of the manufacturing process, including label printing.

CBD Labels

When it comes to CBD products, labels require stringent and meticulous considerations. Besides the aesthetics, you have laws and regulations to comply with as neglecting to do so can lead to legal repercussions.

Simply buying a label printing machine and bringing it to your facility is not enough. To undertake compliant custom label printing, CBD business owners need to avoid the following mistakes:

Overstocking Labels

Printing extra batches of labels makes sense for products where ingredients, marketing, design elements, and necessary regulation don’t change. However, the newness of the CBD industry means that regulations around the products are continuously changing.

If you get too many labels printed at once and the regulations change suddenly, the cost will add up. The old labels will be rendered useless, and you’ll have to spend additional expense for new ones.

Having your label printing machine will allow you to have better cost control. You can simply print as many labels as you need in real-time and change the design and regulatory details as they roll in.

The Font Issue

There is potentially an endless list of various font types where alphabets are stylized in unfathomable and intricate designs. However, when it comes to certain types of products, FDA or similar regulatory bodies require compliance with labeling requirements.

This goes beyond font size. You have to use a style that prominently and legibly displays the product’s name and other labeling requirements. Your customers should be able to read the nutritional information, user instructions, CBD per serving information, and any necessary warnings.

You can ascertain that all your labels not only have legally-required information but also ensure that it is readable by the average user. Having your label printing machine will enable you to do it.

If you’re new to the CBD market, you must start on the right foot. Having your label printing machine will help you prevent being fined or having your product pulled from the market due to labeling concerns.

When you have your machine, you no longer have to convey those requirements (which change now and then) to your printer. Your in-house designer and QA expert can take care of the regulatory requirements so you can focus on other aspects of growth and business operations.

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