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The Benefits of Color Label Printing

The Benefits of Color Label Printing

Color label printing is at the most niche place right now within the printing industry. Color label printers are product life cycle ends at the maturity stage and we do not believe it will ever see the decline stage.

The product packaging industry is heavily relied upon by the labeling industry. Even during the most difficult times in human history last year, the labeling industry did not stop. Sure the industry took a step back, slowed down for a few months. But since the last couple months we’ve experienced industry frolicking back and giving a realistic glimpse of attaining the pre-covid levels.

Color label makers are often faced with the question of how to print color labels. We’re more than happy to answer that question. Not only will we answer the question to solve color label printing concerns but also make sure that the merits of a color label printer for small businesses are met.

There are many aspects, parts and consumables that fall within the pipeline of having a smooth and successful color label printing process. To name a few, print quality, label sheets, label costs, print speeds and short run printing are some of the aspects that every manufacturer needs to keep in mind.

Having said that, we will like to list down certain benefits that a color label printer provides. We understand the nitty gritty of the color label printing process and hope you enjoy this blog.

High Speed Label Printing

Label printing is best known for its print speeds. The quicker the printer prints labels, more is the volume of the labels and that provides a great opportunity to convert that into sales eventually.

The printer that matches the print quality with print speeds is probably the printer you should go for.

Any kind of label that pairs with the color label printer is suitable for printing. This can include shipping labels, cut labels, matte labels, etc.

When someone uses a high speed printer for short runs and owns an in house printer, that is the most ideal situation. As the manufacturer has the opportunity to print color labels on demand. There are no minimum order quantities nor are there any constraints to run the machine every day unnecessarily.


Cost Effective Labels

Color label printers which are used for short runs and long runs are some of the cost effective printers on the market. With label printing, you will want the printers not only giving you high speeds but also save on cost.

Color label printers are widely used for on demand, short run printing. Let’s suppose there is a cannabis manufacturer and he needs to quickly print 5000 labels for the cannabis product. He will opt for an on demand label printer. This gives him the opportunity to prepare the design up to the last minute.

Instead of printing labels with non customized designs which might lead to increased costs to the manufacturer, the digital label printing technology also saves a lot of time and waste behind the printing process. So, the manufacturer can actually save on label cost, ink costs and on employees as well. These printers are easy to use and do not require a lot of man power to run the job.

Epson C-7500 saves up to 50% lower total labeling costs than with thermal and laser printers with comparable durability.

On-Demand Label Printing

Streamlining the Print Job

The most important benefit we believe that a color label printer should provide to any of its users is to streamline the printing process.

There are many color label printing solutions in the market. If the customer chooses to use dye based inks or pigment based inks, that really should not slow down the process.

The best way to save on money, time and energy for food labels, juice labels, cannabis labels and among others is to set up a color label printer and help themselves print quickly.

Labels are solely dependent on designing and printing. Designing labels are undertaken by the manufacturer, we can help you with printing solutions.

Call us today to learn more about the color label printers that we have to offer. Our sales representatives will be happy to help you.

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