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Print Your Own Custom Cardboard Boxes

How Custom Cardboard Boxes Help Build Your Brand

  Creating brand awareness in the 21st century is by far the most important thing a business would want to do. Sure, increasing your sales or improving profits is important. But how do you increase your revenues when people don’t know your business? Brand awareness is among the first of the few targets any marketing manager would keep in his mind. To kickstart your brand awareness campaign, think of packaging as a stepping stone to appeal to the eyes of the customers.

Custom Cardboard Boxes

Custom cardboard boxes are seeing an exponential growth in demand nowadays. We have seen customers getting attracted to attractive packaging. Imagine yourself as a baker, don’t you want a packaging that justifies the taste and the quality of the product ? You would want to come up with custom packaging boxes that would appeal to the eyes of kids, teens and adults keeping in mind the quality of your baked goods. This will definitely result in repeat sales. Brand packaging is kind of a big deal because of the increased competition. Every retailer would get their hands on the best package design to get their custom boxes made. Custom cardboard boxes can include custom mailer boxes, subscription boxes, shipping boxes, etc. A variety of corrugated boxes are also used to customize the box style.

Printing Custom Made Boxes

Custom made boxes are an innovative way of customizing your personal brand. Suppliers get an option of either keeping a minimum order quantity or they don’t. Custom printed boxes are easily printed using a set of printers available in the market. A graphic design is uploaded in these printers. The printer dashes out packaging boxes that are ready to appeal to the customer’s eyes. Let’s get back to our example where you are a baker selling donuts, cookies, cupcakes and pastries. You have a product packaging strategy in place and ready to execute. Your custom printed boxes are appropriate for gaining customer attention. You start selling donuts and cookies. Here the unboxing experience of a customer needs to be taken into consideration. If the graphic design is very appealing paired with a great taste and good quality cookies, you are bound to get repeat sales. Customer retention, another benefit of having a brand awareness created via printing custom cardboard boxes.

How to Create Custom Packaging Boxes?

We often talk about the end goal rather than the process of achieving the goal. To help you create a brand let’s talk a little more about the intricacies involved in the entire process. To print a custom cardboard box, you will require the appropriate printer. Now a bunch of questions arise: What printer do I need? Is there a separate industrial printer that I am supposed to use? What are my options for getting the best possible printer at a good price? Where do I find these printers? We at Arrow Systems are here to help, our sales representatives can help you find the right printer for your needs. In this blog, we’ll talk about these printers a little more, so that you get a good idea of how good these printers are.

Limitronic V6 Lite for Coding and Marking Boxes

To best print on cardboard and on just about anything, we will recommend Limitronic V6 Lite printer. V6 Lite possesses a monochrome color ability. To print black and white on any corrugated box, V6 Lite will do a great job. With a native 180dpi resolution and a print speed of 60m/min, V6 stands tall against its peers. Limitronic V6 Lite - Coding and Marking of Boxes Custom corrugated boxes or printing on glossy, porous and coated cardboards is made very easy with zero maintenance on the printer. Also we’d like to boast about no stoppages required while changing consumables. This will save time on the print job. V6 can also print GS-1 standard barcodes. It comes in two font types: True Type and Open Type. This printer has the ability to print small texts and perform custom sized prints. Users can experience the 7-inch color touchscreen and V6 also features selection of messages with a preview.

Limitronic V7 Color for Creating Custom Shipping Boxes Wholesale

For a high resolution full color printing V7 Color printer works best for compact and reduced designs with high performance. Limitronic V7 Color - 360 dpi color packaging printer V7 Color is a single pass printer paired with high print speed and a native resolution of 360dpi. It comes with an integrated message editor and provides high contrast to its users. The machine can print at a stunning speed of 60m/min. Limitronic gives its users the advantage of near to zero maintenance on its printers. The printer supports solvent free UV based LED inks and can also print in porous, glossy, coated boards, textiles, plastic, metal, foam and wood. V7 Color comes with a 15” touchscreen and also includes an integrated graphic editor just like its counterpart V6 Lite.

Limitronic V7 White – Print on Any Color Packaging

Limitronic V7, the preferred printer for white color when it comes to cardboard printing. It has the ability to print at vertical native resolution of 300 dpi. It is flexible for short run prints and promotions. V7 White also gives possible remote assistance whenever a service is requested, hence cost effective. Limitronic V7 White - Marking and Coding on Dark Packaging V7 White can run print jobs for custom printed mailer boxes which can be eco friendly when the right material is chosen.  This printer is ideal for dark substrates, a white color printed on any dark substrate will be very appealing to the customers. Printing custom shipping boxes with a logo which has a dark substrate when printed with white will look very attractive.  V7 White prints at a speed 30m/min and the printhead height stands tall at 53mm. V7 White also comes with a 15” touchscreen and integrated graphic editor. Using a Limitronic printer will assure you brand recognition. Reach out to us if you would like to know more about the printers and how these printers help you create the brand you aim for. To read more about Limitronic printers, check out our previous blog HERE!

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