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Digital Printing for Food Packaging and Labels

Ingredients for Food Packaging Labels

Labeling is a mode of communication graphically and electronically on a given product. The communication clearly represents the intention of the manufacturer to sell the product. Food packaging is one such segment where manufacturers use various designs to put on their products via labeling, with the sole purpose of catching customer’s attention.

Custom food packaging is a trend which has been around since a long time now. There have been major developments in the packaging industry with regards to technology used to develop food labels efficiently and effectively.

Every manufacturer has to take care of packaging very carefully. There are set norms which are to be followed when printing food labels. Every food consumer always chooses food when they look at the label on the can, package or a box. The items listed on the label includes a variety of things such as:

  • Name of the brand,
  • Slogan or a catchphrase,
  • Number of calories,
  • Shelf life,
  • Food safety description,
  • Ingredient list,
  • Any added sugars,
  • Trans fat or saturated fat,
  • Dietary fibres, used if any,
  • Compliance description: for example, Nestle compliance or Swiss compliance
  • Recommended consumption percent daily figures,
  • Serving of the food: Serving size, number of servings or single serving,

There are a lot of details provided by the manufacturer while custom packaging these food labels.

Printing on Mylar Bags and Flexible Packaging

Packaging materials such as mylar bags are also in great demand for packaged food. Labeling with flexible packaging is a great way to showcase that the products are food safe compliant. It can last long on resealable bags if stored according to the instructions provided in the label.

Packaging on Custom Printed Boxes

Custom printed boxes are also used in food packaging. Manufacturers can pack multiple packages in one box and ship it across to their customers. Custom printed boxes are an efficient way to sell multiple packages in a single time, manufacturers save on costs such as shipping and handling, production cost and labor cost.

Packaging on Mylar Bags

The last item in the bucket is poly bags used for food packaging. Poly bags are probably used for handling produce items and a few of the grocery items for packaging purposes. Most of the manufacturers have now moved on to different packaging materials other than poly bags for environmental reasons such as card boxes, mylar bags, etc

To print immaculate food labels, you need the best of the printers. We highly recommend 2 of our printers.

ArrowJet Aqua 330R; Water Based, Pigment Inkjet

The next in line is ArrowJet Aqua 330R.

This machine possesses Arrow’s latest technology to conduct flexible packaging easily. Using the water based pigment, Aqua 330R has the ability to print labels with the highest quality.

Aqua 330R provides both offline and inline printing options. Many of our analog and digital finishing solutions can be best paired with Aqua 330R.

We proudly boast of saving on our customers’ costs when we recommend Aqua 330R. Long lasting print heads, reduction on waste and fast set up are some of the features that contribute to save cost to our customers.

With a print speed as fast as 150’/min, Aqua 330R is really fast and can print several thousands of labels in one print job. The machine also supports a 1600×1600 dpi resolution, the best of the print quality without a doubt.

While printing food labels, manufacturers ought to cut down on material cost. That’s why Aqua 330R reduces the coating weights required for pigmented inks as compared to any water based dye inkjet printer. To further reduce production costs, Aqua 330R is compatible with lower primer coats and some uncoated stocks for maximum flexibility.

ArrowJet Aqua is undoubtedly the best laser printer in the market to use water based pigments and providing both an inline and offline finishing option. Custom food labels can be easily printed for a large print job.

The proprietary RIP management helps our customers to understand the color management control, variable data printing, cost to print and other print job management indicators.

If you’re planning on buying a machine for printing food labels, we recommend you to talk to one of our sales representatives and get answers to your questions.

To read more about our different machines that we have to offer, please visit here: www.arrsys.com

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