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Comparing Memjet Printers; T2C vs ArrowJet Mini vs Afinia L901

Comparing Memjet Printers T2C vs ArrowJet Mini vs Afinia L901

Memjet is considered one of the best printing technology within the labeling industry. Memjet has pioneered the printing industry by providing supreme quality print technology to its consumers while maintaining ease of use.If you’re looking for primary and secondary label printing equipment, Memjet is a term which is bound to pop up. Memjet desktop printers can fit into almost any environment and are easy enough to use for small companies and robust enough for printing supply companies.

What is Memjet Printer Technology?

Memjet label printing helps the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to customize their needs according to their wants.Reduction of cost and helping customers save more is one reason Memjet label printing is famous.Memjet helps improve your experience when it comes to the printing process. With its three stellar technologies: VersaPass, Duraflex and Duralink, Memjet provides an unmatched print quality.Let’s compare different printers that Memjet provides and which printer has the lead over the other.Every printer that carries Memjet’s print technology gives access to certain features in its own way.The wide variety of options available to choose from when it comes to label printing and finishing equipment is why we are here to help!

Trojan’s T2-C Large Capacity Tabletop Digital Printer

Trojan gives a good deal to its customers with their tabletop printers. T2-C is one such printer which uses a Memjet printhead.T2-C has the ability to print at a resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi. Trojan T2-C can support up to 2L Memjet inks on CMYK and the printhead supports printing up to 4 labels at a time across media.The label materials used can be pre cut or die cut and short run printing can be performed for thousands of labels per hour.
Trojan T2-C
High volume label printer. This would be the upgrade for the Afinia L901.
The T2-C can be considered as an optimum tabletop printer for color label printing for on demand short run print jobs. Not all color label printers can provide durability, simplicity and quality as good as a T2-CFor high volume print jobs, T2-C possesses a Volume Press (VP) feature which allows customers Memjet Ink Refill to come at half the cost. This is particularly useful for customers who are printing high volumes of labels to keep their ink price under control.Trojan uses its in-house software called Trojan Control Software tied up with Microsoft Windows for print job management. It can also be paired with a number of RIP software to allow for variable data such as barcodes, QR codes, and more!The T2-C can be paired with any digital finisher to complete the cutting and slitting process.When you look at other tabletop printers in the market as compared to T2-C, there is not much to offer.If you were to opt for an Afinia L901 printer against T2-C, then you will miss out on a couple good features.The Afinia printer supports 225 mL ink tanks, while the T2-C supports 2L of ink capacity, which in turn helps reduce costs for the user.While there are a lot of printer supply companies around who have the Afinia label printers, very few are allows to work with Trojan Memjet technology. This is because Trojan wants to ensure that anyone who sells their product is very knowledgeable about the printer and the materials that are available for it.Trojan promises and delivers the print resolution on the label printing materials. T2-C is a great printer to print on label sticker printing material.The other printer that Memjet proudly supports and boasts about is from Arrow Systems technologiesArrow Systems technologies is a leading manufacturer of efficient high resolution digital inkjet and retrofit printers. Arrow Systems provides inkjet solutions for primary label printing as well as secondary label and packaging.When it comes to Arrow Systems, they match the demand for color inkjet solutions with the right supply of printers.

ArrowJet Mini Digital Label Printer 

Arrow Systems technologies is committed to give customers the right solution for their short run printing jobs too. They have ArrowJet Mini Digital Label Printer which provides customers with the state-of-the-art printing technology from Memjet at the best possible quality and durability.
Colordyne 1800-C vs Afinia L901
                    Afinia L901 is the same printer as the ArrowJet Mini
Providing print resolution of 1600 x 1600 dpi and printing on labels and tags have never been easier.When you look at ArrowJet Mini as compared to Afinia Labels L901, you will see that Arrow Systems offers spot color replacement with Harlequin-based RIP software. It also has the ability to print shiny foil labels with other specialty materials available.Pairing Arrow Systems Memjet together makes the ArrowJet Mini a very attractive option for prospective customers.L901 is the option that the Afinia label carries in terms of tabletop printers. Arrow Systems technologies has a big arsenal of printers and finishers that can provide better print runs at a good price.With more printing options, comes more features. 3D printing, shiny labels for printing and laser printing are a few features that most of the printers Arrow Systems Inc carries. You can check out our website and reach out with any questions you may have.To read more about what we have to offer, check out our blogs here: https://arrsys.com/blog/By accessing our website you acknowledge and consent to the terms and conditions. Experience on our website may change soon due to an update. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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