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Arrow Systems, Inc. and Sihl Inc. Announce Partnership for Flexible Packaging

Arrow Systems, Inc. and Sihl Partner for Flexible Packaging Solution

 Niagara Falls, NY – Arrow Systems, Inc., a leader in the digital printing space, announced a partnership with Sihl Group to pair the Arrowjet Aqua 330R with the Sihl ARTYSIO line of flexible packaging materials. This partnership allows customers looking for ways to digitally print and pack flexible packaging inline in a single production step up to 12.75’’ wide with water based, pigment inkjet.“We feel that the flexible packaging space is one that has enormous growth potential”, said Shaan Patel of Arrow Systems, Inc. “We understand that the majority of customers in this space are currently outsourcing their flexible packaging needs because, in the past it has been too costly or difficult to produce them in-house. We believe that the combination of the Sihl materials with our pigment inkjet press will allow more customers to begin producing their own short run flexible packaging.” Sihl ARTYSIO meets all requirements of the packaging market:
  • Ideal packaging solution for printing quantities with strong varying designs
  • Individualized print designs whatever the size of print run without additional printing costs
  • Print on demand – Just the product determines the time to market
  • Goods ready for sale within minutes – 100 times less setup effort compared to analogue printing processes
  • No storage of pre-printed packaging necessary
  • Significantly lower capital commitment compared to traditionally printed packaging
  • Made for Recycling
The ArrowJet Aqua 330R is a 13’’ water-based pigment inkjet press that can run at speeds up to 150’/min with resolution up to 1600 x 1600 dpi. Sihl ARTYSIO films, in combination with Duraflex pigment ink, are compliant with the following regulations: DuraFlex PZ ink is designed for food packaging and is formulated using components listed on the Swiss Ordinance (RS 817.023.21, entered into force December 2019) and is compliant with the Nestle Guidance Note on Packaging Inks dated October 2018. Meaning this is one of the most food safe digital printers on the market.
Arrowjet Aqua 330R
High speed, water based pigment, label printer
Sihls core competencies are in creating innovative solutions with premium coatings. With Arrow Systems and its ArrowJet, Sihl has found an ideal machine partner to jointly support the market of the digital printing packaging industry.“Partnering with Arrow has been great”, Says Ronny Kunze, Business Development of Sihl Group. “Their team understands the benefits of on demand printing and has been quick to adapt with any changes that we have thrown at them. We are looking forward to bringing our combined product to market worldwide over the next few months.”ArrowJet Aqua 330R is the consistent further development of the aqueous inkjet in the packaging industry! Faster and wider printing with a new pigment-based ink for best possible color tone quality at photorealistic 1600×1600 dpi prints. The ArrowJet Aqua 330R will be a full featured press, with the ability to add inline finishing systems such as lamination and varnish to allow customers to print their flexible packaging at high speeds with the click of a button. It features an intuitive RIP program from Xitron for color management, as well as the ability to add variable data such as QR codes and barcodes with ease.For more information on the ArrowJet Aqua 330R, visit www.arrsys.com and for more information on the Sihl flexible packaging materials visit www.artysio-packaging.com.

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