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Why Printing Labels In-House Is Better Than Outsourcing

Why Printing Labels In-House Is Better Than Outsourcing

Label printing Color Palletes
Label Printing color palettes
Advanced print technology has introduced the possibility of producing large quantities of high-quality printed material in your own office. Yet you might still be confused about how best to deal with your label printing needs.What will the cost of in-house label production be?Will it match the standards I need?If you’re asking yourself these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why printing labels in-house is better than sourcing from a supplier.

Benefits of Printing Labels In-House

Shifting to in-house label printing can be extremely beneficial for companies that need short, quick printing jobs in a short period of time with minimal waste. Here is every reason to switch to an in-house label printing model.

Lower Costs

While there is a larger initial investment needed to set up your in-house label printers, it is likely to be much cheaper in the long run. With this method, you can save yourself from recurring service expenses and consumables.One of the biggest problems of printing labels with external suppliers is wastage. This is because most professional vendors will require minimum order quantities. You could end up having to buy thousands of labels from an external label printer when you only need a few hundred.On the other hand, printing labels in-house allows you to immediately produce the number of labels you need and avoid unnecessary wastage and costs. You can also identify mistakes after running a couple of labels through the printer, while one mistake in an outsourced bulk order can lead to a whole batch being wasted.

A Quicker Response to Changing Demands

The business world today moves fast. Demands and orders can change by the hour, and you can fall behind if you’re trying to cope with increasing demand with an external label printing supplier. Typical lead times for vendors are around 8 to 10 days. Imagine how much can change in over a week!When you have an in-house label printer, you can undertake as many customized short runs as you like without having to worry about lead times. Plus, you can respond a lot quicker to any legislation changes for packaging and get your products out quicker than your competitors.

Better Security

We are in the age where multi-million-dollar companies are facing data breaches left, right and center. Hence, data protection and security are quintessential to every organization today.When you’re printing labels with an external vendor, you need to be careful about what data you send to the supplier and how your supplier handles it. What are they printing on the labels? How are they storing your data? These are important things to consider.Your company may have adequate anti-breach protocols that protect your data, but you can’t be sure of the same with your supplier.Protect your company’s data and get an in-house printer!


By printing labels in-house, you’ll be able to get even more control over your value chain while reducing costs and improving security.If you are planning to switch to in-house printing, then we recommend that you check out Arrow Systems, Inc. They have the best printer for labels that you can use!

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