T3 OPX Digital Cardboard Printer

The T3-OPX allows for full color, digital printing of cardboard, post cards, boxes, paper bags, wooden planks, blister envelopes, and much more. As long as an inkjet receptive coating can be applied, the T3-OPX can print on it.

Designed for 24/7 production, the T3-OPX is easily mounted on most conveyors and allows for printing speeds up to 12 ips (inches per second). The T3-OPX allows for fully customization boxes and packaging to allow businesses to constantly update their packaging as needed. No more MOQ’s or proofing needed. Print your own packaging on demand with the T3-OPX!

Trojan T3 Overprinter
The T3 Overprinter from TrojanĀ  allows customers to digitally print boxes and bags that are not on a web.


Easy-to-Use Conveyor System
Easy to use conveyor system allows for seamless integration into existing lines, or can be customized with automated feeding systems for boxes and bags to be fed directly in.
24/7 Production

Designed for 24/7 production, the T3-OP is easily mounted on host systems with runs of up to 12 ips (60 feet per minute); automatically adjusting for variances in manual feeds timing and spacing.

Product Dimensions
Media Handling
Media Width:Up to 40"(1000 mm)
Software Solutions
Software:TrojanControl Software Printer driver compatibility- 32/64-bit Windows 10, 8, 7, 32-bit Windows XP & Vista
Printing Function
Printer Specifications