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Packaging and Labels as Advertising: More Effective than Digital Advertising?

Packaging and Labels as Advertising: More Effective than Digital Advertising?

Effectiveness of Digital Media

When thinking of digital media, so many examples can come to mind. This is simply because we are bombarded with advertisements from the moment we open our eyes to the minute we go to sleep. Now, it seems impossible to escape them. They are on every website we browse, every social media outlet, before and during every video on YouTube or Hulu, and nearly every other imaginable platform. Of all of these advertisements, as catered as they are to your life and what you look at, think about, or have interest in, how many of these do you feel an overwhelming urge to purchase?Probably not too many. It seems as though digital advertising is merely there to interrupt your viewing of content online which has made it very easy to ignore subconsciously. A 2016 study done by the firm Lumen indicated that, when participants were hooked up to eye tracking software and shown 15,000 digital ads, only 35% were actually viewed and, of those only 9% were viewed for more than one second.Digital advertisements are also incredibly expensive. In 2004, Chanel spent a mind-boggling 26 million dollars on a two-minute-long commercial staring Nicole Kidman with close to nothing to show for it aside from a two-minute-long commercial starring Nicole Kidman. This is not the only, or the most effective way to advertise.

“Moment of Truth”

Former Procter and Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley referred to the time before buying as the “moment of truth”. This is referring to when a potential buyer is shopping for a product that you sell and has the option between you and all your competitors.What will draw them to your product in that moment typically is not a digital ad the saw while scrolling through Instagram. In fact, that may turn them off from the product completely. What will draw them in is creativity in packaging with an eye-catching label that embodies the product and appeals to your target demographic.Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars so your ad can be effectively ignored on some platform or another, it seems as though the wisest option is to focus on your branding. Create some quality labels and keep your target audience in mind. When the “moment of truth” comes around, make sure it’s your product that catches their eye.

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